SOURCE: Incentive Logic, Inc.

June 19, 2008 20:08 ET

Mass Customization Paradigm Is Foundation of Incentive Logic's Segmentation Solution

SCOTTSDALE, AZ--(Marketwire - June 19, 2008) - Incentive Logic's Incentive Program Segmentation Solution is the incentive industry's answer to Mass Customization, the business paradigm that harnesses new technologies to bring customized and personalized products and services to customers at a mass production price. The Segmentation Solution is a participant-centric approach to incentive programs. Segmentation Solutions are designed from the ground up from a participant's perspective so they get the experience and rewards that are most engaging and rewarding to them.

"Adding segmentation to an incentive program is like adding new lanes to a highway. You get more people to their destinations faster, but you're not having to clear new land," says Roger Hackett, CEO of Incentive Logic, "Getting the highest performance out of a program hinges on how efficiently you structure your participant class along with the rewards and actions that motivate. Segmentation enables us to do this effectively." Incentive Logic implements a proprietary approach to carefully define each participant segment, to design strategic communications that are most impactful, and to structure reward levels that engage and, in turn, motivate desired behavior.

New technologies enable incentive program designers to segment participants by any data an organization possesses such as lifestyle, geography, culture, income, marital/family status, gender, age, or job. For example, a wellness program could segment groups by gender and have separate campaigns for different income levels. Alternatively, a customer loyalty program could feature a campaign for Hispanic participants, and utilize custom data targeting male and female participants at varying income levels. Administration can be delegated for each campaign within the larger initiative, which can be targeted specifically to the participants. Communications also can be customized for each target group and even localized for language.

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