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September 10, 2007 09:08 ET

Massachusetts Port Authority Ensures Comprehensive Infrastructure Security With Enterasys Secure Network

Secure Networks Ensure Access Control and Deliver Mission-Critical Applications

ANDOVER, MA--(Marketwire - September 10, 2007) - Enterasys Networks Inc., the Secure Networks Company™, announced today that the Massachusetts Port Authority (Massport) relies on its Enterasys Secure Networks infrastructure to ensure access control and secure wired and wireless connectivity for thousands of users across 75 locations, including one of the world's busiest airports, Boston's Logan International. Massport is an independent public authority that develops, promotes and manages Logan, the Port of Boston, as well as other transportation-related facilities in the state.

Security is critical for Massport with Logan International Airport's 14,000 employees and more than 25 million annual passengers, according to Tom Domenico, Assistant Director of Information Technology. "Our goal is to lead the industry in security. We strive to be the safest and most secure airport in the world. Enterasys Secure Network solutions support our efforts with a technology infrastructure architected to enable us to protect everything from passengers and facilities to critical video and data," Domenico said. "Enterasys is the only networking company to offer solutions with sophisticated security features embedded into the hardware that deliver effective physical edge access protection -- which is invaluable at our widely distributed locations. Our Enterasys infrastructure enables Massport to comply with federal security regulations for airports and shipping ports while delivering a powerful combination of performance and manageability."

Massport relies on Enterasys solutions for its access control network, which controls physical security at Logan Airport, as well as the office automation network, which handles all of the Authority's data communications.

"Enterasys technology is keeping multiple groups at Massport happy, including the security team. The IT Operations staff and the security staff are often at odds because one job is to keep the network up and running with convenient access for users, while security operations wants to lock everything down. In a lot of cases, Enterasys Secure Networks are the successful 'mediator' in those disputes. Our network delivers extremely reliable connectivity to keep things running, but with the highest level of security built right in to the infrastructure. So both sides are satisfied," said Domenico.

In addition to security, Massport depends on its Secure Network to support a number of mission-critical applications, including:

--  CIDRS (Camera Intrusion Detection and Reporting System), which
    monitors the physical perimeter of Logan International Airport and the Port
    of Boston for intruders
--  The Ship Height Monitoring System, which monitors ships in the harbor
    to ensure that they won't interfere with the flight path of aircraft taking
    off or landing at the airport
--  A new noise and operations monitoring system, which leverages passive
    radar and noise monitors to track noise in communities surrounding Logan.

Domenico is confident that the Enterasys infrastructure will also support new applications, such as an enhanced on-airfield vehicle tracking system that is under development.

Massport takes a layered approach to infrastructure security with networks that include Enterasys Matrix™ N-Series flow switches at the core and Martix E-Series switches at the edge, as well as RoamAbout® wireless switches and access points for secure mobility. The NetSight® Management Suite provides visibility and control, and the Dragon® intrusion detection/prevention system enhances the organization's security posture.

"One of the biggest frustrations for most companies today is that anyone can deploy a multitude of security programs and systems, but most are difficult to implement and cumbersome to manage," Domenico said. "Enterasys provides a comprehensive, integrated solution that delivers the security and performance we require, yet is very easy to deploy and manage. This allows my team to be highly efficient and gives us the time we need to focus on other critical tasks."

Massport manages its large infrastructure with a team of five network professionals thanks to the centralized visibility and control delivered by the NetSight Management Suite, which monitors both the access control network and the corporate data network from a single location. "NetSight allows us to monitor security incidents and ensure network availability, simultaneously," Domenico said. "With NetSight, we can manage our entire network efficiently, enforce policies automatically, and troubleshoot issues without having to physically visit each device."

The level of service Massport receives from Enterasys has also been outstanding. "The team at Enterasys understands technology, but most importantly, they understand how their technology works in our environment, which means we receive superior service," Domenico says. "Even with a deployment of our size, to other vendors we're just a number. With Enterasys, we're a valued customer and partner. Enterasys consistently comes through for us."

In the near future, Massport will deploy Matrix X secure core routers to increase capacity in its office automation network. During this upgrade, existing high-availability Enterasys routers will be redeployed to other sites, increasing their return on investment. Massport also plans to take advantage of additional Dragon capabilities with the Dragon Security Command Console, and will deploy Enterasys Network Access Control to assess, authenticate and authorize any user or device that attempts to connect to the network.

"Enterasys has consistently offered the most cost-effective solutions, both in terms of up-front capital costs and ongoing operating costs. In the transportation industry, all rates and charges are passed on to tenants, so we're highly conscious of our obligation to be efficient and effective in the way we operate our business," Domenico said. "Enterasys delivers the best long-term solution: not only is the technology innovative and proven with unmatched security, manageability, and performance -- but the lower amount of required time and money ensures we realize a rapid return on investment overall."

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