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June 18, 2012 04:00 ET

MasterImage 3D to Showcase the High Frame Rate Ready MI-CLARITY3D at CineEurope as 2012 Shapes Up to Be the Biggest Year for 3D Cinema Yet

MI-CLARITY3D Product Suite Ensures the Highest Quality 3D Image Presentation While Offering the Most Compelling Ownership-Based Model in the Industry

BARCELONA, SPAIN--(Marketwire - Jun 18, 2012) - CineEurope Convention -- MasterImage 3D, Inc., a leading global 3D solutions provider, today announced it is continuing its pioneering efforts in 3D entertainment with a demonstration of the MI-CLARITY3D digital cinema system's unparalleled image quality -- with the perfect balance of clarity and brightness -- at CineEurope.

The MI-CLARITY3D digital cinema system is the flagship offering from MasterImage 3D, designed in three models for every theatre projection need:

  • MI-CLARITY3D SA (Stand Alone) -- Smaller, lighter, and more versatile. Easy to install and operational in 30 minutes.
  • MI-CLARITY3D MX (Mezzanine-Free) -- For boothless projection, filter head mounts onto rack with control console, rack- or wall-mounted within 5m of filter assembly.
  • MI-CLARITY3D RH (Remote Sliding Head) -- Filter disc can fit into tight spaces for smaller projection booths. Free-mounting frame allows filter head to move in-and-out of position of 3D/2D projection in horizontal and vertical motion.

As a leader in the industry, MasterImage 3D offers an ownership-based model and self-financing program allowing theatre owners to acquire equipment with little or no-money-down while retaining all the 3D ticket revenue that is generated.

"With the success of 3D in 2012 and the continued commitment from major studios and prominent directors, theatre owners should ask themselves whether or not they are maximizing their 3D revenue," said Brian Kercher, European Managing Director for MasterImage 3D, PLC. "When comparing, it is very likely that reoccurring licensing fees would be the equivalent over a two-year period of purchasing a system outright."

Unique to the MI-CLARITY3D is increased light efficiency, MasterImage 3D's unique Circular Polarized Filter Disc, 3D sync automation, higher speed programmable quick change 2D and 3D filter disc positions, easy to install plug-and-play, and remote automation and NOC diagnostics. The system is optimized to work with the entire suite of existing single user or multiple-use MasterImage 3D glasses.

Come and experience the full line of HFR-ready MI-CLARITY3D systems by attending the Walt Disney Studios and Warner Bros. Studios International Product Reels and Screening using MasterImage 3D technology, or by visiting the MasterImage 3D booth at CineEurope.

Discover for yourself how MasterImage 3D's superior image quality and royalty-free ownership model are enabling theaters to complete their 3D experience.

19-21 June, Tradeshow Hours
MasterImage 3D: Booth 401

Tuesday, 19 June, 15:30-16:45
Walt Disney Studios International Product Reel: CCIB Auditorium in MasterImage 3D

Tuesday, 19 June, 17:45-20:00
CineEurope Showcase: Walt Disney Studios Screening of BRAVE 3D: CCIB Auditorium in MasterImage 3D

Wednesday, 20 June, 10:30-11:45
Warner Bros. Studios International Product Reel: CCIB Auditorium in MasterImage 3D

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