SOURCE: Masterseek Corp.

Masterseek Corp.

March 30, 2011 03:22 ET

Masterseek Is Now "LinkedIn" to the Business Networking Community

NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwire - March 30, 2011) -  In a recent piece of interesting news regarding the blurring of the lines between social media networking, business networking, and business searching,, the leading business-search provider, has introduced the new Beta Version of their flagship Masterseek search engine. One of the most noteworthy new enhancements evident in the Beta Version is its seamless, intuitive connection with the LinkedIn platform.

Social networking experts have attributed the move toward interconnection and interdependency as evidence of the growing need for an integrated, seamless social-business networking and search platform. Masterseek seems uniquely positioned to provide the missing link between social and business networking platforms such as Twitter and LinkedIn. Searching is a fundamental part of networking whether for social or business purposes, and Masterseek works with LinkedIn and the other platforms to offer searchers the ultimate in targeted results. 

The Masterseek search platform already provides business subscribers and advertisers with a range of tools useful for bringing new business. Subscribers retain complete control over their profile content as well as the advertising content, and other winning features include the ability to embed video and the power to share and distribute information across multiple platforms such as mobile devises like iPad and iPhone, as well as browser plugins for Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Google Chrome.

And, Masterseek has garnered a large number of dedicated users, most of whom are business professionals who spend much time searching over the Internet. For these searchers, Masterseek offers the ultimate reward: Quick, relevant search results. The platform allows searchers to sift through the Internet's chaos and irrelevant blather in order to arrive at the credible, relevant results that professional searchers require.

LinkedIn and Masterseek Create Synergy

The synergy with LinkedIn is expected to accelerate the adoption of Masterseek even more quickly. LinkedIn is a business-oriented social networking site said to have at least 100 million users, while Masterseek is close behind with over 82 million profiles of businesses worldwide, and new profiles continue to be added each month; the Masterseek total is expected to pass 86 million profiles before the end of the current year.

Masterseek's business concept is perhaps similar to LinkedIn's controlled-access model, in which contact with a professional is limited to those with a preexisting relationship, or an appropriate referral from a mutual contact. This model, used in a parallel way by Masterseek's proprietary search algorithms to screen search results for highest relevancy (and therefore value), serves to screen out the distracting, time-wasting queries and improve the level of trust between members of the entire community, thus leading to more networking and more trust-building, and so the social-business networking phenomenon continues to grow.

Also, Masterseek's potent search tools interconnect and reach far beyond the capability of LinkedIn to allow searchers to find business professionals, goods, and services, and post or search jobs.

The Masterseek search platform -- indeed, the Masterseek search community -- continues to give fast, relevant results with pinpoint accuracy. And Masterseek's new synergy with LinkedIn should serve to speed the blending of social-business networking and business searching.

In conclusion, the advanced new Masterseek Beta Version seems to be the missing link between platforms like LinkedIn which focus on connecting businesspeople to business goods and services, and the older, legacy search engines which show search results instead of helping businesspeople to make social connections. Masterseek lets users enjoy the best of both worlds.