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September 29, 2014 16:24 ET

Math Professor Bill Davis' Mathematical Algorithm Is Wreaking Havoc in Las Vegas and Giving Sports Fans the Edge

Big Time Sharps' Davis Equation Has the Winning Formula to Winning Money During the Football Season

LOS ANGELES, CA--(Marketwired - Sep 29, 2014) - Professor Bill Davis, CEO of Big Time Sharps, operator of sports analytics website, created a methodology and ultimately an equation relying on specific variables that provide final scores of college and professional football games. The Davis Equation, as his algorithm has become known in betting circles and the media has been garnering a lot of attention this football season, especially in Las Vegas, Nevada where sports betting is legal.

Davis had this to say when asked how the equation works, "Historical data is compiled and analyzed in multiple ways; T-testing, Chi squared tests of independence and analysis of variance tables are applied to the historical data. Taylor polynomials also map the data. We put only the variables together as expressed from our former coaches and players that sit on our advisory board, who know better than anyone what actually impacts the outcome of a game to create mathematical algorithms and regression models that can be used to predict final scores. All you need to know is which game we're selecting. We do all of the work for you."

Davis continued, "The key is that the Davis Equation provides a final score. We then take all of the games on the board and only provide our clients with games that have a 72% probability of coming to fruition. In other words, we take our probability and then compare it to the lines the oddsmakers in Las Vegas provide. From there it's simple. We identify the games where the oddsmakers have made mistakes."

Davis' website, boasts the analytical staff and advisory board includes former front office employees of NFL, MLB, NBA and NHL teams. In addition to former NCAA Division I athletes and respected members of the sports media who have covered all of the major sports up close and personal having daily access to the behind the scenes workings of professional sports teams.

Davis emphasizes that there are so many games on the board between college and pro football each week that it's nearly impossible for the oddsmakers to not make mistakes. "It happens every week. It's as simple as understanding what really impacts the score of a game. The score will tell the story. It's not about who wins or loses, it's about the probability of the final score landing on that number within a close enough margin of error that it won't impact the line. Once the Davis Equation provides its scores, it's then a matter of finding the greatest disparity in the lines set by the oddsmakers combined with the 72% probability of any particular final score hitting. From there, Davis' company Big Time Sharps provides its clients with just those games that meet the winning criteria."

About Big Time Sharps:

Big Time Sharps is a sports analytical company located in Los Angeles, California that has created a proprietary algorithm that selects the final scores of sporting events. Bill Davis has appeared on radio across the country each week providing his analysis of football games. He has also been featured in the Bleacher Report and Yahoo Sports regarding the Davis Equation. Big Time Sharps has quantitative data analysts around the country that participate in the ongoing improvement of the Davis Equation.

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