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December 10, 2007 08:00 ET

MatrixView Launches Revolutionary New Web Acceleration Solution SWISH™ to Dramatically Speed Dynamic Web Delivery to Computers and Mobile Devices

Huge Business Upside Potential for Search & Content Providers and Online Marketers

SANTA CLARA, CA--(Marketwire - December 10, 2007) - MatrixView Limited (ASX: MVU), the leading developer of innovative information transmission and storage optimization, today unveiled its revolutionary dynamic web acceleration technology that dramatically shortens content delivery times for online, mobile searches and Web site transmission. The company's new technology, dubbed Speeding Web Information and Search Hypertext (SWISH™), is attracting a range of top content delivery organizations by relieving the Internet wait state currently plaguing content providers, marketers and consumers alike.

SWISH tackles today's Internet traffic congestion and rich media drain by speeding search and Web content delivery times, making mobile and online search and ecommerce a more efficient and rewarding experience. With intelligent algorithms that model and compress the right data at the right time, SWISH improves the user experience by optimizing the delivery of dynamic web content, with significant implications to the industries of search marketing and mobile advertising, predicted to grow to nearly $45 billion and $20 billion respectively by 2011, according to analysts.

SWISH Surpasses and Redefines the Industry Standard

SWISH offers significant improvements over current industry compression standards -- in some cases offering more than 2x improvement in compression ratios and time to load the pages over other commonly used compression technologies. Its Adaptive Learning Scheme (ALS™) feature optimizes the transmission of dynamic web pages by search engines, which significantly reduce the online and the mobile phone browsing wait time.

SWISH reduces the number of packets required to transmit dynamic web content, thereby speeding up the transmission process known as the SWISH Effect. SWISH causes zero impact on content's visual fidelity and data is not lost in the compression process. SWISH can be deployed on both static and dynamic web pages.

On static pages, SWISH utilizes an Intelligent Compression Engine (ICE™) that can analyze the page data and compresses it according to its size and bandwidth requirements. ICE can determine whether the time it takes to compress the data will have a positive impact on the end user, and will skip the compression process when it is not needed. For dynamic web pages, SWISH employs its Adaptive Learning Scheme (ALS™), which significantly improves transmission time compared with standard compression by modeling and encoding dynamic web pages prior to compression.

"SWISH has great relevance and impact for the increasing number of businesses that rely on dynamic web pages and instant content delivery, such as major online and mobile search sites, online shopping sites, personalized web page services, travel sites and banking sites," said Arvind Thiagarajan, Chairman and CEO of MatrixView. "We are enabling faster business, accelerated online advertising and search marketing opportunities, and a better consumer experience from the computer and mobile device."

The Need for an Intelligent Compression Solution

A recent MatrixView survey of over 500 mobile device users in the United States, revealed that current slow delivery speeds and wait times are causing significant frustrations and service impacts:

--  50 percent say slow mobile web response causes frustration,
    abandonment, or limited use
--  81 percent are frustrated, and 51 percent very much so, with the speed
    of mobile web search
--  40 percent of users have abandoned their search due to long load times
--  More than a third don't even try to search the Internet on their phone

The application of SWISH technology has demonstrated improvements in these mobile delivery times, leading to increased opportunities for mobile marketers and content delivery services.


SWISH is available immediately. The Tolly Group has independently tested performance data and the full report will be available in late December.

About MatrixView

MatrixView Limited (ASX: MVU) develops and licenses innovative and patented technologies that employ intelligent and adaptive modeling and compression techniques to transform the way information is transmitted and stored. MatrixView's flagship SWISH™ product tackles today's Internet traffic congestion by speeding web page delivery and helping to avoid uncontrollable network delays, making mobile search and ecommerce feasible activities once and for all. With intelligent algorithms that model and compress the right data at the right time, SWISH is improving the user experience and optimizing the delivery of dynamic web content. The company's Adaptive Binary Optimization (ABO) technology has received the prestigious Frost & Sullivan 2005 Global Award for Technology Innovation and Frost & Sullivan 2007 Healthcare and Life Sciences IT Product Innovation of the Year award. MatrixView has over 90 employees with offices in Santa Clara, Singapore, Melbourne, and the Centre of Excellence for Research and Development in Chennai, India. More information is available at

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