SOURCE: Centre for Sleep and Human Performance

March 09, 2015 10:00 ET

MATRx Titration Could Change Treatment for Sleep Apnea

CALGARY, AB--(Marketwired - March 09, 2015) - The Centre for Sleep and Human Performance (CSHP) is leading the pack in Canadian sleep labs with the latest technological advancement in sleep apnea treatment, MATRx. 

"The MATRx technology allows sleep physicians and dentists who specialize in treating sleep apnea with dental appliances the opportunity for the first time to accurately assess whether a dental appliance is going to treat the patient's sleep apnea effectively before the appliance is made and the patient has invested in the appliance. It is a substantial advancement in the way we have treated patients over the past 20 years," said CSHP's medical director and diplomat of the American Board of Sleep Medicine, Dr. Charles Samuels.

Though mandibular advancement devices, tray-like dental appliances, are not a new a treatment for mild to moderate sleep apnea, they have been difficult to work with in the past. Once a patient has been diagnosed with sleep apnea and decided to proceed with a dental appliance for treatment, it could take a while to achieve the right fit for a person to receive optimal treatment. The device would have been fitted and refitted until the correct protrusion of the lower jaw was accomplished to provide optimal airway aperture.

Fortunately for sleep apnea sufferers the future has already arrived. MATRx titration allows for patients to spend time in a sleep lab with a trained sleep technologist working out all the kinks while he or she rests soundly. Using MATRx CSHP's expertly trained sleep techs can remotely control lower jaw protrusion, finding the sweet spot in which apneas cease and sound, restful sleep can be achieved.

"The advantage of that is we can do it all in one night, saving the patient both time and money," remarked head sleep technologist at the Centre for Sleep and Human Performance, Delan Sharpe. 

Sleep apnea, respiratory disruption during sleep most often caused by airway obstruction, is one of the most prevalent sleep disorders in modern society. It can have very serious consequences, including high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes and obesity and in some, severe cases in which restful sleep is rarely achieved, can result in the onset of other sleep disorders like parasomnias (sleep walking). In such severe cases CPAP has been considered the gold standard for treatment. However, the mask operated device with attached machine, delivering a steady flow of air into the airway, though effective, gives off a distinctly Darth Vader vibe. Aside from the aesthetic pitfalls of CPAP some patients have trouble finding a mask that fits, report difficulty tolerating the force of air, a dry, stuffy nose and the feeling of claustrophobia when using the device, leading to low compliance issues.

For those with compliance issues or who simply cannot use CPAP or APAP devices, dental appliances offer an alternative. This is important because compliance with treatment will improve and using MATRx provides a more effective device.

"The fact is that the sleep apnea is being treated and the treatment is tolerated, offering patients more restful sleep for a lasting life," said Samuels. 

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