SOURCE: Business Enthusiast Matt Argall

Business Enthusiast Matt Argall

April 03, 2015 02:30 ET

Matt Argall Excited About Success of New Joint Pain Formula MultiFlex Excel

MIAMI, FL--(Marketwired - Apr 3, 2015) - The demand for joint supplements in the dietary supplement market is constantly increasing with potential customers hoping to find cures to help rebuild joints and alleviate pain. With such a huge selection, it is difficult for consumers to discern which product will work for them. Entrepreneur Matt Argall, renowned for his ability to instantly recognize a great product, quickly became a believer in the joint pain formula MultiFlex Excel. Convinced by the supplement's superb properties, he took over the marketing campaign for the brand-new product and now, one year later, he is excited to celebrate the outstanding and ongoing success of the three signature formulas.

An established businessman by the age of 17, Matt Argall's aptitude for finding, developing, and promoting promising products is second to none. MultiFlex is more than just a lucky find, it is indeed a creation inspired by his parents, both of whom are successful chiropractors. The idea was born when he witnessed his father, Rick, experiencing knee pain that rendered the elder Argall unable to flex or straighten his knee. Rick Argall turned to his wife who, after intensive research, suggested a collagen and anti-oxidant formula. Amazingly, Rick was able to report relief within 24 hours and after 10 days he was virtually pain-free and had regained his full range of motion. Impressed by the quick and incredible results, Matt decided to turn the idea into a marketable product, which is now available in online stores under the brand name MultiFlex Excel.

Users are reporting amazing results in reviews over a multitude of different platforms, proving that Argall's instincts to make MultiFlex available to a broader customer base were spot-on. One patient raves: "I have been taking one capsule once or twice a day and my symptoms are gone. My hands feel free, I can bend my fingers completely and I even regained strength in my hands." Another grateful customer reports, "I've improved the joint pain I have suffered, to the point that I'm back to my normal activities." Argall is thrilled about the positive feedback, revealing why this particular project is especially close to his heart: "The ability to provide relief to people, and to do so working in tandem with my parents, have made the work on MultiFlex Excel arguably the most satisfying of my life."

Matt Argall is an established entrepreneur who resides in Miami, Florida, with his wife Maya and their little son. He took his firsts steps in the business world by bringing a struggling online company back to life at the young age of 17. Since then has built a reputation as a savvy marketer and innovative entrepreneur who is always keen to explore new business ideas. With two decades of experience and a multitude of companies that he launched in various industries, Argall is well respected as an investor and sought-after as a corporate business advisor. In his spare time, Matt enjoys spending time with his family and is a very active philanthropist. He frequently donates to local causes and supports international organizations that help young start-ups in developing countries.

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