SOURCE: Matt Argall Entrepreneur

Matt Argall Entrepreneur

April 17, 2014 14:24 ET

Matt Argall Projects Success for Others Through Investing in Education

MIAMI, FL--(Marketwired - Apr 17, 2014) -  Education is the key to building a brighter future, and Matt Argall, a successful entrepreneur, business owner and investor, understands this quite well. He also understands that not everyone has access to the education necessary to achieve success in life. To that end, he has announced a spate of education investments to help those less fortunate build a brighter, more successful future for themselves.

When asked about his new efforts, Argall replied, "Education lies at the center of the poverty versus success equation. Those with less education achieve less in life. If you study a cross-section of society, you'll always find that those with less education, and less access to education, are on the lower rungs economically speaking. I intend to help change that. By investing into education, I hope to help those less fortunate around the world begin to change their situation."

Matt Argall recently made headlines with his decision to invest in, a nonprofit organization designed to offer low-cost loans to students who could otherwise not afford to pay for higher education. Of course, Argall intends to take other steps as well, and is considering a number of nonprofit options geared toward making education both more affordable and more accessible to those who need a helping hand.

In addition to investing into education, Argall is also looking to offer a helping hand to budding entrepreneurs. As an entrepreneur himself, he knows firsthand just how difficult it can be to create a successful startup, regardless of the industry or vertical. By supporting entrepreneurs through a variety of tools, Matt Argall will make it easier for other business owners to live the dream and create their own successful companies without the financial onus that all too often destroys those companies before they even truly begin.

Born in Los Angeles, raised in Canada and now a resident of south Florida, Matt Argall is a successful businessman, investor and humanitarian. He has been intimately involved with the Citizens Commission on Human Rights, as well as other nonprofit organizations focused on improving the lives and future prospects of the world's less fortunate.  

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