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June 12, 2012 16:15 ET

Mattersight Announces Release of Newest Version of Fraud Analytics Solution

CHICAGO, IL--(Marketwire - Jun 12, 2012) - Mattersight Corporation (NASDAQ: MATR) today announced the launch of the newest version of its Fraud Analytics solution for its Behavioral Analytics Service. The Fraud Analytics solution automatically identifies fraudsters conducting fraudulent activity through the call center by leveraging predictive analytics to score the percentage likelihood each caller is a fraudster. The result is a significant reduction in voice-facilitated fraud losses and the enhanced ability to identify and stop fraud before it occurs.

Voice-facilitated fraud is a rapidly growing problem in a number of industries. Financial Services companies and Property Casualty Insurers have realized their call centers are a vulnerable and lucrative point of attack for fraudsters. Sophisticated fraudsters and fraud rings are able to gather enough customer information from publicly available sources to exploit the authentication procedures in call centers and gain access to customer accounts. The complexity of capturing and analyzing call center interactions to identify fraudsters has heretofore made it nearly impossible for companies to measure the frequency of these types of attacks, let alone proactively identify this activity and take preventive action.

Mattersight's Fraud Analytics solution solves these problems by capturing customer interactions and automatically analyzing every second of every captured interaction in the cloud, using millions of proprietary algorithms and unique behavioral models. The output of this analysis is hundreds of contextually accurate data attributes on every captured interaction, such as:

  • Caller biometrics and acoustics (i.e. voiceprint, dialect, gender)
  • Linguistic patterns (i.e. call reason, activity conducted, missed authentication, distress patterns)
  • Non-linguistic data (i.e. response time, authentication time)
  • Account contextual data (i.e. previous interaction data, caller phone number match, location match, transfer destination)

Mattersight's Fraud Analytics solution leverages these data attributes in predictive models that score every captured interaction for the percentage likelihood each caller is a fraudster. Scores over a configurable threshold generate fraud alerts or feed existing fraud case management systems for preventative action. Mattersight also leverages a consortium database of known fraudster's voiceprints that every caller is compared against to identify repeat fraudster activity.

"Our Fraud Analytics solution has evolved based on the deep partnerships we have with our customers and our understanding of their needs and challenges in identifying fraudsters. Voice-facilitated fraud is a significant and growing issue, and we are excited to provide a first of its kind solution for attacking this problem," said Kelly Conway, Mattersight's President and CEO.

Mattersight's Fraud Analytics solution leverages its strong competencies and expertise managing big data. Every day, Mattersight captures over 70 trillion data attributes, applies over 2 million algorithms, executes over 250 billion computations, and processes over 350 TB of data in order to provide its customers with new and contextually accurate information to understand their customers and improve their operations.

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