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March 15, 2011 09:02 ET

Mattress Mattress: Our Customers Can Sleep at Night Knowing There's No Bed Bugs in Sight!

CALGARY, ALBERTA--(Marketwire - March 15, 2011) - Mattress Mattress, Western Canada's 16 store mattress specialist recently discontinued its "Comfort Exchange" program. Even though their exchange rate was less than 1 in 300, "It became increasingly hard to sell exchanged mattresses as used", says Vice President Lori Fecho. Escalating bedbug infestations have even affected women's shelters, most of whom no longer accept used mattress donations, due to the high cost of getting rid of bed bugs.

Unfortunately when it comes to mattresses, there's no law about returns, or even a law about disclosure. That means unless customers buying a new mattress ask for assurance that it's BRAND NEW, they can unknowingly end up with a mattress that's been slept on anywhere from 1 to 180 nights (some exchange guarantees are up to 6 months). These could easily harbor pathogens (disease-causing bacteria, viruses, fungi or bed bugs), or allergy triggers (dust mites, smoke, perfumes, mold or pet dander). And for those exchanging a mattress, there are hidden costs and inconveniences that aren't always shared up front. It takes time and money to lobby for and make changes to laws, and Fecho felt after talking to The Canadian General Standards Board they couldn't wait, hence their new policy of "No refunds or exchanges once a mattress has left their store". 

Since 2007, Mattress Mattress has emphasized the importance of getting a "BEDUCATION". "Informed and well guided consumers make better buying decisions, and buy the right mattress the first time around", says Fecho. 

Mattress Mattress believes their customers deserve the "Peace of Mind" that comes with knowing their new mattress has never been slept on. It's a challenging first in the mattress industry. To date the response from their customers has been nothing short of exceptional. "Our customers can sleep at night knowing there's no Bedbugs in sight!"

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