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Generation5, Inc.

Generation5, Inc.

May 15, 2008 12:51 ET

Mature Small Town Techno Pas...Young City Clickers...Social-e-Inclined Families

Canada's most dynamic, thorough and accurate digital segmentation system is now available

TORONTO, ONTARIO--(Marketwire - May 15, 2008) - Delvinia Group of Companies and Generation5, announced today, the introduction of Delvinia Digital MOSAIC, the country's first market segmentation system providing the deepest and most intimate view of Canadians' attitudes toward and use of digital technologies. Delvinia Digital MOSAIC is the combination and integration of proprietary insight tools developed by Delvinia and the prediction technology of Generation5 - creating an unmatched segmentation system to allow marketers to easily understand their customers and tailor their experience based on their digital characteristics and preferences.

"This tool provides an unmatched ability to get personal with a customer group and understand exactly what they want from a digital experience," said Adam Froman, President and CEO of Delvinia. "Delvinia Digital MOSAIC allows us to immediately grasp a customer segment's mindset with incredible accuracy so we can deliver a digital customer experience that profoundly connects our clients with their customer."

The result of this best-of-breed partnership between Generation5 and Delvinia is a truly unique new tool for gaining digital insights about customers, both existing and prospective. Delvinia Digital MOSAIC draws on questions designed to provide unique insight into the digital behaviours of Canadians as discovered through Delvinia's proprietary online research panel, AskingCanadians™.

"This tool is painstakingly precise as it can forecast digital behaviours for every household and postal code in the country," said Jamie LeFort, EVP Client Operations for Generation5. "Marketers can't assume that their customers with the same demographics have the same digital behaviour and attitudes -- and treat them as such. Delvinia Digital MOSAIC allows marketers to fully understand how to interact with customers based on true digital segmentation at a much deeper and richer level."

Delvinia Digital MOSAIC clusters Canadians into 150 distinct segments which roll-up into 20 descriptive groups to make this segmentation system more accessible and easily understood.

The 20 Groups include:

- Loaded & Overloaded Families - Single Metrotechs
- Western Prosperous & Practical - Semi-Wired on the Prairies
- Young Technophile Families - Rural Quebec Not Coms
- Dot Conservative Families - Ethnic Tech-Enthusiasts
- Urban French Unplugged - Mature East Coast Surfers
- Multicultural Cyber Socials - Small Town Digital Dreamers
- Young City Clickers - Mature Net Neutrals
- Social-e-Inclined Families - Young Aspiring Social Surfers
- Rural Ontario Low Techs - Mature Small Town Techno Pas
- E-tired Empty Nesters - Young Quebec Tech-Novice

About Delvinia

Founded in 1998, Toronto-based Delvinia Interactive is an interactive design and digital marketing firm. Its unique insight engine and proprietary research tools provide unmatched knowledge into how people use new digital technologies and how best to reach, influence and inspire them. For more than a decade, Delvinia's expertise is fully realized when designing innovative digital solutions that focus on its understanding of the customer first and implementing truly integrated, and frankly, better digital customer experiences. Visit for more information

About Generation5, Inc.

Generation5(C) provides the most timely and precise Customer Predictions in North America helping leading marketers reach their customers more effectively than ever before. Instead of relying on consumer insights that are up to two years old or reflect broad averages, Generation5 produces accurate and timely predictions of purchase potential, shopping behaviour, and attitudes that match where the customer is today, right down to the household. The result is better than insight, it's Customer Prediction you can use to directly target your customers with pinpoint accuracy and drive dramatically higher response rates and sales. Generation5 customers include leading brands like Citibank, TJX, Kraft and Rogers. For more information, visit

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