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August 07, 2008 02:00 ET

Mauritanian Political Situation

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                                    Mauritanian Political Situation

Murchison  United  NL  ("Murchison") (ASX: MUR, AIM: MUU) would like to update the  market  on  the  recent
political developments in Mauritania where the Company has several uranium licences.

On  Wednesday  6th  August,  President Sidi Ould Cheikh Abdallahi replaced  several  senior  army  officers
including  General  Abdel  Aziz, the former commander in chief of the personal  forces  of  the  President.
Shortly  after the dismissal, supporters close to General Abdel Aziz arrested the President. A new  council
called  the  State  Council has been formed under the leadership of General Abdel Aziz, which  the  Company
understands will oversee the parliament until fresh elections are held.

The  Company  has  spoken to its agents in Mauritania who report that the capital Nouakchott  is  calm  and
businesses are trading as usual.

Mauritania has had changes of government in the same manner in recent years, and it was during the time  of
the  last  transitional government, that Murchison was granted its initial licences and  began  exploration
work in Mauritania.

We will advise the market of developments as they occur.

For further information regarding this announcement, please call Mark Reilly.

Mark Reilly
Managing Director

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