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March 17, 2008 15:51 ET

Maxim's Drop-In Power-Supply Sequencers/Monitors Provide Reverse Sequencing

SUNNYVALE, CA--(Marketwire - March 17, 2008) - Maxim Integrated Products (PINKSHEETS: MXIM) introduces the MAX16050/MAX16051, drop-in power-supply supervisors.

Synopsis for Investor:

 -- The principal applications of the devices are servers/storage,
    networking, or telecom equipment where high reliability is

 -- The MAX16050/MAX16051 sequencers/monitors simplify power
    management. The devices require no programming and no external
    circuitry to sequence up and sequence down as many as five power
    supplies, while monitoring up to six voltages simultaneously.

 -- With the additional capability of reverse sequencing, customers
    can now power down their system safely with no extra effort, cost,
    or loss of board space.

 -- A unique pin-configurable sequencing order on the MAX16050 allows
    users to change the sequence up/down order on-the-fly. With this
    flexibility, customers can now keep the same board layout when
    startup requirements change for an application.

Historically design solutions for sequencing and reverse sequencing were difficult and expensive to implement. Board layouts are typically static and space-limited. Additionally, reverse sequencing has been difficult (if not impossible) to implement using discrete components only. Often the architecture used to sequence up required additional components and layout to reverse sequence. However, the MAX16050/MAX16051 seamlessly accomplish both sequencing and reverse sequencing with no programming and no external circuitry.

Pin-Configurable Sequencing Overcomes the Obstacles of Fixed Board Layouts

The MAX16050 offers an additional benefit. The MAX16050 device's novel sequencing engine allows the sequence order to be changed without altering the signal routing to the power supplies. Furthermore, this configurable sequencing order is accomplished without adding bulky discrete components and/or making elaborate layout changes to the board.

The MAX16050 exchanges the 5th sequencing/monitoring channel, found in the MAX16051, for three 3-state pins used to configure the sequencing order of the four remaining channels in any one of 24 possible combinations. Users thus have full control of the sequence up/down order and can change the order on-the-fly. The ability to utilize a pin-selectable sequencing order is unique to the MAX16050, and the importance of this flexibility cannot be underestimated. In striking contrast to the industry's previous work-around, customers now keep the same board layout when startup requirements change. The savings in development time and production costs are significant.

Enhanced Reliability for Sequencing and Monitoring

The MAX16050/MAX16051's 85mA pulldown circuitry enables a fast discharge of output capacitance. Furthermore, integrated comparators ensure that the supply voltages are below 250mV before powering down the next channel in the reverse sequence, regardless of how fast the system power is cycled. This pulldown circuitry increases reliability in complex systems.

External resistor-divider networks set the 1.5% accurate undervoltage and overvoltage thresholds. In the event of an overvoltage condition, an independent output signals the system controller. This additional control protects the system, reduces damage to expensive system components, and ultimately reduces repair costs.

Users can configure the devices' outputs either to: 1) enable point-of-load DC-DC converters; or 2) fully enhance the gate of series-pass FETs. An integrated charge pump enables this flexibility. The charge pump functions as a pullup voltage for FETs, otherwise the open-drain outputs are pulled up to the supply voltage for enabling DC-DC converters. Consequently, users have the versatility of operating with mixed mode by driving both DC-DC converters and series-pass FET simultaneously in their system.

Daisy-Chain Devices to Expand Applications Reach

Multiple MAX16050/MAX16051s can be daisy-chained to sequence and reverse sequence across multiple devices. This scalability requires no programming and is easy to implement.

The MAX16050/MAX16051 have a wide 2.7V to 13.2V operating voltage range, which allows operation directly from an intermediate bus voltage. The devices are fully specified over the -40 degrees Celsius to +85 degrees Celsius extended temperature range. The MAX16050/MAX16051 are offered in a small 28-pin, 4mm x 4mm QFN package. Samples are now available. For more information please visit:

Maxim Integrated Products, a two billion dollar company, designs and manufactures ICs for analog and mixed-signal applications. The company's broad portfolio of 28 product lines is among the industry's deepest, with over 5400 products.

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