SOURCE: Diskeeper Corporation

July 08, 2008 11:39 ET

Maximum Uptime for Your Computers

BURBANK, CA--(Marketwire - July 8, 2008) - The banking and finance industries are so competitive that every penny is pinched, counted and still expected to provide high returns. Not only is spending scrutinized, but you have to deal with stringent data security and regulatory compliance guidelines. And at the end of the day, IT has to provide the business superior performance. While speed is certainly important, reliability is critical. Users experiencing applications that hang or freeze can easily cause the loss of customers and business.

It's fairly well known that defragmented files mean faster file writes and retrievals; however, file fragmentation, if not handled, will build up to the point that reliability is jeopardized. Fragmentation affects the servers just as much as the PCs, if not more so. Servers host data that multiple users, maybe hundreds, need access to. The hardware is more powerful, but the demands are far greater. Waiting for data is bad enough when the end user is staring at an hourglass, but it's even worse if that employee is engaged with a customer, because now the customer has to wait as well.

The days of 9-5 have long since past. Customers demand access to their finances 24/7/365. And when those customers log in they are accessing data on company servers.

Michael Materie, Director of Product Management at Diskeeper Corporation, noted an interesting phenomenon, "Customers expect to be able to access their accounts any time -- day or night. There is no such thing as off-hours in that business. Customers don't like to log in and discover the computers are down for maintenance. That is why we evolved Diskeeper's technology. We understand that there is no window of time that can be relegated to computer maintenance activities like defrag."

At the core of Diskeeper® is InvisiTasking™. The application of InvisiTasking is a revolutionary approach to solving fragmentation -- defragmenting in real time. The new methodology replaces antiquated defrag "passes" with the viewpoint of handling fragmentation as it occurs, but only using wasted computers resources to do so. The net result is no fragmentation build up, and constant peak performance as the file is already contiguous the next time it is requested.

InvisiTasking also ensures that by solving fragmentation you haven't inexorably created a new job for yourself in the form of daily management of that new application. Security programs require regular updating, so do operating systems with monthly patches, and those processed need to be scheduled. InvisiTasking allows Diskeeper to be an autonomous application.

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