May 27, 2016 12:16 ET

MAXIMUS® Smart Security Light Now Available on

New Smart Security Light Sends Real-Time Alerts to Your Smartphone to Help Prevent Burglaries and Break-Ins

HAYWARD, CA --(Marketwired - May 27, 2016) - MAXIMUS®, a new home security company capitalizing on the growth of DIY smart home security solutions, announces the availability of its latest product, the MAXIMUS® Smart Security Light (SSL), online at Best Buy.

The MAXIMUS® SSL is an outdoor (LED) lighting fixture equipped with a two-way speaker and camera to prevent burglaries and break-ins. The camera detects movement at your door and sends a real-time alert to your smartphone (powered by the Kuna app), allowing you to sound an alarm, and see and speak to people at your front door no matter where you are. Captured footage is available for up to two hours so you'll never miss a moment, even if you can't get to your phone right away. Additionally, the Kuna app allows full light control -- set a schedule, program the light to turn on automatically from dusk-to-dawn, or turn the fixture on and off manually.

"Major commercial security companies are still leading the home security market but low-cost solutions are on the rise and we understand that retailers play a major role in their adoption, so we are excited to expand the availability of the MAXIMUS® SSL," said Mark Honeycutt, CEO of Jiawei USA, parent company of the MAXIMUS® brand. "With the increased exposure through Best Buy online, we will provide a new, user-friendly home security solution that will give consumers a sense of personal and family safety, which is essential to a high quality of life."

Consumers can install the outdoor lighting fixture on their own in about fifteen minutes and MAXIMUS® SSL helps save energy as well. LED lighting provides three key benefits over traditional lighting: immediate energy savings, long-term maintenance savings and improved quality of light. Energy savings is gained over time, leading to lower energy consumption and decreased utility costs.

The MAXIMUS® Smart Security Light is available for $199 on now


MAXIMUS® is one brand under Jiawei Technology (USA), a LED lighting company that has been leading the retail and commercial markets in North America for the past 20 years. Since 2010, Jiawei has acquired lighting companies and established operations and distribution in major markets globally. Jiawei is keeping pace with innovation, and continually improving product performance by incorporating new technology for the global markets it serves. For more information about Jiawei, visit For more information about MAXIMUS® Smart Security Light, visit

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