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MaxxCAT Corporation

November 10, 2010 09:47 ET

MaxxCAT, the World's Fastest Search Appliance, Now the Most Open Too

PITTSBURGH, PA--(Marketwire - November 10, 2010) -  MaxxCAT, the leading developer of high performance search appliances announced the next evolution of its enterprise search platform earlier today. The MaxxCAT Lynx Connector framework is an open specification with dedicated kernel support on the appliance that will allow developers, integrators and connector foundries to tap into MaxxCAT's extreme performance search hardware. "By giving 3rd party developers kernel level access to our technology, we hope to expand the reach of our appliances into areas beyond traditional enterprise search," stated Burt LaFay, MaxxCAT's hardware designer. "We are opening up the hood, and giving everyone the capability of harnessing our high speed, clusterable search solutions with an API that a first semester programmer can grasp in 15 minutes."

MaxxCAT's search appliances were originally created to provide out-of-the-box enterprise search solutions. However, MaxxCAT has been increasingly contacted by customers who want to harness the raw performance and unparalleled speed of the appliances in ways unrelated to traditional search. Because of the extremely fast retrievals offered by the appliances (sub microsecond execution times), organizations that need faster retrieval have found innovative ways of incorporating the general purpose search appliance as a sub-system in applications, cloudware and specialized retrieval systems where performance was not being met by other technologies.

MaxxCAT is known for high performance hardware based enterprise search solutions that combine extreme performance, low cost and simplicity into a single unit that can be configured to give turnkey results. Interested developers can request additional information at our search appliance connector page.

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MaxxCAT is a developer of high performance search appliance hardware that provides unmatched crawl, indexing and query throughput to novice users as well as experienced system developers. To find out more about the extensible product line and options or to request a free trial, visit the MaxxCAT web site. 

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