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Centaur Maxximus Motion

April 12, 2012 08:00 ET

Maxximus Technology, a Division of Centaur Performance Group, Creators of the World's Fastest Street-Legal Supercar, Continues to Break Barriers by Setting New World Records With Innovative Propane Powered Maxximus LNG 2000

Three Additional World Speed Records Set at South Georgia Motorsports Park on March 9 by Maxximus LNG 2000 Powered With Propane (LPG)

LOS ANGELES, CA--(Marketwire - Apr 12, 2012) - Maintaining the crown as the world's fastest street-legal car, the Maxximus LNG 2000, the brainchild of financier Bruce McMahan and Indianapolis-based designer Marlon Kirby, continues to smash existing records in the automotive history with three new world records set using propane (LPG), making it the fastest powered supercar ever created using both LNG and LPG. By utilizing proprietary technology, the Maxximus team has revolutionized the next generation of green vehicles that provides legendary versatility for using both natural fuels and reducing our dependence on foreign fuel sources.

Driven by designer Marlon Kirby, the Maxximus LNG 2000 using LPG achieved:

0 - 60 mph 2.6 seconds
Speed in 1/4 mile 134 mph
1/4 mile elapsed time 10.28 sec

Recent world records set in January 2012 by the Maxximus LNG 2000 using LNG (liquid natural gas) were:

0 - 60 mph 1.96 seconds
0 - 150 mph 9.21 seconds
Speed in 1/4 mile 159.9 mph
1/4 mile elapsed time 9.63 seconds

Centaur Performance Group (, the incubator group that researched and brought these technological monster advancements in the green automotive sector, unveiled the Maxximus LNG 2000 last year at the Wynn Hotel in Las Vegas, NV. Its unique qualities include:

  • The car runs on LNG, CNG and LPG with on demand adjustments
  • All carbon fiber body
  • 430 CI twin turbos
  • All aluminum V8, 1600 + HP
  • Cryogenic chilled intercoolers
  • Self pressuring fuel tanks
  • Gaseous fuel injectors
  • Boost reference gaseous regulators
  • All state legal emissions

Centaur Performance Group is owned by financier and philanthropist Bruce McMahan, who states, "When it comes to automobile performance, natural gas is at the forefront of people's thinking. By using both LNG and LPG instead of gasoline, Centaur is taking up the charge in doing all it can to reduce America's dependence on foreign fuel sources."

"Natural gas is a lot more attractive given the situation in the market, and there isn't a car on the market that currently utilizes both LNG and propane. It's the ultimate win-win for everybody," commented Kirby.

In addition, Centaur is also developing a consumer-targeted line of vehicles called the Centaur Dragonfly that can be powered by four fuel types -- gasoline, LNG, LPG and CNG (compressed natural gas). This new generation of cars, equipped with cutting-edge onboard technology developed by Maxximus, is specifically designed to put the owner of the vehicle in a position where they can avail themselves to the lowest priced fuel in their vicinity. The fuel locator draws on a continually updated database to easily locate alternative fuel stations along any given route complete with turn-by-turn driving directions and also identify the most economical alternative fuel sources locally, regionally and nationally.

Centaur Performance Group specializes in credit, relative value and niche energy strategies. Centaur's energy team allocates investment capital to private, continental U.S. based, oil and natural gas assets and the production of American energy resources. Hedge Week named Centaur's credit strategy as the Best Credit Fund of 2009. Centaur is headquartered on Fisher Island, FL, with affiliate offices in Bermuda and Rancho Santa Fe, California.

As Co-Founder and Chairman of the National Cristina Foundation (NCF), McMahan leads a non-profit organization with more than seven hundred worldwide affiliations. Its mission is to support the international development of technology applications for people with special needs. The Foundation originated the concept of technology reuse in 1983 and specializes in redistributing computers and other electronic hardware from corporations and individuals who have outgrown the technology and making them available to those in need.

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