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Maybach Financial Group

February 14, 2008 13:48 ET Analyst Review for NXY, WZR and HRG

NOTE TO EDITORS: The Following Is an Investment Opinion Being Issued by Maybach.

GRANDE BAY, MAURITIUS--(Marketwire - February 14, 2008) - is one of the fastest growing independent and unbiased research firms in the world. Investors wanting to know the truth about investing and how to consistently profit from whatever the markets throw our way should sign up to for a free trial subscription. Through our numerous partnerships with many of the top investment minds in the world, we have made it our goal to provide research on every company making a move in the markets. Investors seeking our guidance and advice on their investments in Nexen Inc (TSX: NXY), Westernzagros Resources (TSX-V: WZR) and High River Gold Mines (TSX: HRG) should take this opportunity to get free in-depth research by becoming a member today. Our initial coverage of any company will include research in the following areas.

--  Margin changes, specifically operating, gross, and then net
--  The pace and quality of top line growth
--  The ability to generate cash
--  The pace and quality of the bottom line growth
--  Market share gains
--  Innovation/pipeline
--  Corporate governance
--  Management's ability to operate in unfavorable environments
--  The ability of management to control acquisitive growth and achieve
    accretive results

Nexen Inc is relatively flat on the day, on much higher than average volume. Our research team will be looking into the sudden influx in demand.

Westernzagros Resources is trading down 3 % today on higher than average trading volume. We will be looking into the company's developments; the company has been making progress and gaining steam over the last few days.

High River Gold Mines is trading up 1% today on slightly higher than average volume. Our research team will be evaluating the company's progress over the last 12 months.

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