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September 23, 2013 13:08 ET

Mayor Miguel Angel Mancera Stresses Importance of Mexico City's Transformation in First State of the City Address

Mayor Miguel Angel Mancera Explains Greatest Achievements During His Administration and Reaffirmed the Vision of a Social Capital

MEXICO CITY, MEXICO--(Marketwired - September 23, 2013) - Last week, the Mayor of Mexico City Miguel Angel Mancera delivered the first government status report during the State of the City Address.

With the presence of all the members of the Local House, national and local officials, governors, members of the Justice Department and the Minister of the Interior, Miguel Angel Osorio Chong, who represented President Enrique Peña Nieto, Mancera shared his vision of a social capital for his government, which is "to combine and enhance the efforts of the civil society, private sector, academics and innovation centers, in order to reduce social gaps and discrimination."

Mayor Mancera, whose term began on December 5, 2012, also assured that his administration has made progress in the implementation of policies and programs that are "typical of a leftist government, modern, progressive and innovative."

In this regard, the Head of Government stressed the General Development Program of the Federal District 2013-2018, a document that guides public policy of Mexico City, the result of a process of deliberation and consultation to the various sectors of the society.

Mayor Mancera also emphasized another major achievement with the food security policy. With a budget allocation of 6 billion Mexican pesos (more than USD470 million), the policy is aimed to provide school meals, food pensions and public food kitchens in all 16 municipalities of Mexico City. 

"Another goal we have firmly determined for my government is the improvement of the quality and access to educational programs," said the Official. With the goal to end illiteracy, he also established the Diversified Literacy Program.

The Mayor referenced the Program for Medical Services and Free Medication, stating that 85% of the capital's population has no social security. "Health is an issue that cannot be subjected to one's income or economic status," he added.

In regards to human rights, Mayor Mancera asked for full respect towards plurality and diversity of self-expression. "A plural Government that is open and progressive does not act alone. We have fostered citizens to engage in public endeavors and ask them for their commitment to the City," he said citing the participation in the Human Rights Program of Mexico City.

Regarding access to the judicial system, Mayor Mancera praised the work of the City's High Court of Justice and their implementation of verbal procedures for family, civil and commercial trials. "What this means for citizens is greater confidence in the system, lower costs, transparency and faster resolution of disputes," he said.

Tourism and infrastructure

In regards to tourism, Mayor Mancera reiterated the commitment of his government to the declaration of making tourism activity a priority, enforcing the promotion and coordination of efforts between civil organizations and government entities.

Mancera also reported that during the first quarter of the year, tourist arrivals reached more than 6 million people, representing an increase of 8 percent as compared to the first half of 2012.

In another part of his statement discussing the environment, the Head of Government confirmed the strategy against solid waste through the Comprehensive Plan of Solid Waste Management 2013-2018, which signifies "the paradigm shift where we seek the use and recovery of any and all waste for the sustainable development of Mexico City, " he added.

When speaking about public works and services, he explained that during the first half of the year, 2.5 billion Mexican pesos (nearly USD200 millions) were invested in the maintenance and construction of city infrastructure.

Mancera also stressed the importance of the City's Comprehensive Program for Transportation and Traffic 2013-2018, which promotes sustainable mobility, improving the public transportation of passengers and cargo, and the "safety of all road users, especially pedestrians and cyclists."


The Mayor referenced the security problems and listed the actions taken by his administration. Among them is the improvement of the surveillance in the neighborhoods of the capital where they have added an average of two more patrol vehicles each day.

"We continue to build programs that provide prompt and specialized assistance to any emergency or event in order to safeguard residents, their properties and the environment," said the official. He also took the opportunity to thank the Federal Government and other Mexican states for their support and solidarity.

As a strategy towards continued economic growth, Mancera guaranteed he would continue to foster favorable conditions for investment and quality job opportunities.

"My commitment is to the people of the city. I owe this to you, and to you I must answer to. I have governed and will continue to in front of all citizens, assuming the responsibility of political costs, allowing open dialogue and ensuring the rights of all citizens," concluded the Mayor.

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