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August 13, 2015 11:00 ET

Mayors In BC Believe Bus Infrastructure Is Necessary to Support Ballooning Population

Mayors in BC state that it is necessary to develop bus transit infrastructure in order to support the needs of the ballooning population in Vancouver and adjoining cities. Vancouver Bus Accident Lawyers at Jiwa Law Corp comment that more and more people are now turning to mass transportation.

VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA--(Marketwired - Aug. 13, 2015) - The transit referendum in Metro Vancouver voted "no" for tax hikes to improve transportation infrastructure and public transit services, as reported by the Georgia Straight at http://goo.gl/LTp4I9. Despite the majority public voting against the plan, mayors across British Columbia believe that improvement in bus transit services is necessary to support the future needs of the population.

"The mayors argued the transit infrastructure plan is necessary to keep the region moving as its population balloons. The mayors had a budget of at least $6 million to campaign for the tax increase," states The Globe And Mail in the news article at http://goo.gl/2zkyQT.

Personal Injury Attorneys and Vancouver Bus Accident Lawyers at Jiwa Law Corp commented on the plebiscite results stating that more and more people are now turning towards mass transportation as the congestion in the city increases. Unfortunately, this also leads to numerous accidents and needless suffering, serious injury and even death.

Jiwa Law Corp states that they believe that bus transit system should be made safer for travelers in order to avoid accidents. They also believe that increasing awareness among the public regarding their rights in case of an accident can help provide a fair settlement. These Vancouver Bus Accident Lawyers deal with ICBC to fight for the rights of people who encountered a bus accident and help in obtaining a fair ICBC settlement for the client's injury claim.

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