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November 21, 2013 09:00 ET

MB Innovations Showcases MaCoca as a Slimple Way to Keep Off Holiday Weight

HOLLYWOOD, FL--(Marketwired - Nov 21, 2013) - Certain things are synonymous with the holidays, such as hot coco, but nutraceutical company MB Innovations is confident that its MaCoca, found in the Slimple weight loss product, will bring even more cheer. 

Holidays are a challenging time to maintain weight, much less lose. The average American will permanently gain 1 to 2 pounds from Thanksgiving to New Year's. Winter lethargy can also compound weight gain.

"Our goal with Slimple was to design a unique supplement addressing appetite suppression and energy simultaneously," said Richard Gelso, president of MB Innovations and formulator of Slimple. "We are the only nutraceutical company who has the relationship with South American suppliers to bring decocainized coca leaf extract to the United States as a weight loss supplement."

Gelso said decocainized coca leaf is the same secret ingredient used in the popular cola that uses the coca name. His branded ingredient, MaCoca is a blend of decocainized coca leaf extract, maca root, citrus bioflavonoids, glycomacropeptide, guggul, green tea, lotus leaf extract and annatto leaf powder.

Slimple's key ingredient is decocainized coca leaf extract derived from the highly nutritious Erythroxylon coca plant. Indigenous tribes in South America have cultivated coca leaf for centuries and use it in tea or chew the leaves to suppress the appetite, boost energy levels and increase strength and stamina. 

Not to be confused with the drug, coca leaves and cocaine are different products. Cocaine is an alkaloid derived from the leaves of the coca plant and is a highly addictive, toxic stimulant. Decocainized coca leaf extract is processed using a method that carefully removes the alkaloids while retaining the active ingredients, enabling it to be used legally in the United States as a food additive or dietary supplement. 

A report by Natural Standard Research Collaboration concludes MaCoca may help reduce fat absorption, maintain a healthy body weight, regulate food intake, increase satiety, regulate blood sugar and stimulate the metabolism. MaCoca doesn't have negative side effects such as jitters or crashing typically associated with energy boosting products.

MaCoca can be found in the Slimple dietary supplement ($29.98, 60 capsules, two servings daily) available at: For more on MaCoca, contact: 786-325-7127.

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