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January 27, 2014 07:00 ET

MBO Partners Recognized as Keystone Platform for the Future of Work

MBO Has Established the Leading 21st Century Engagement Enablement Platform, Addressing the Needs of Mid-to-Large-Size Organizations and the Rising Independent Professional Class of Worker

HERNDON, VA--(Marketwired - January 27, 2014) - MBO Partners, the leading provider of management services for independent professionals and the clients that engage them, has been recognized by industry experts as the keystone engagement platform for the future of work. As work preferences and arrangements continue to dramatically evolve, traditional engagement methods appear unsuited to meet the needs of workers and organizations. Andrew Karpie, Chief Analyst at the Research Platform and the foremost industry expert on online staffing and new workforce models, describes MBO as uniquely positioned to be the leader in establishing a 21st century engagement enablement platform that meets the needs for organizations and the rising independent professional class in a new report on the sector.

"At this time, only MBO seems well positioned -- with the requisite assets, engagement services and technology capabilities -- to lead the development of the supporting work-arrangement intermediation ecosystem for 21st century mid-to-large organizations and the new class of independent professionals," says Karpie.

According to the 25-page report, the rise of the contingent workforce has been paralleled by the development of a labor market intermediation (LMI) industry sector. This sector consists of different types of businesses that provide work arrangement intermediation services, many of which exist to enable non-employee work arrangements and the procurement, engagement or deployment of contingent workers. These businesses (e.g. Temporary Staffing Suppliers, Professional Services Firms, etc.) and service/system entities (e.g., Managed Services Providers, Vendor Management Systems, etc.) have taken shape as a true enterprise supply chain that enables various work arrangements between organizations and non-traditional workers. However, the makeup of the contingent workforce has evolved to include more highly specialized, highly paid workers with a range of needs and preferences. This shift has illuminated the limitations of current intermediaries and the need for a new way to engage and enable this workforce. He notes that MBO has successfully built and deployed a new worker engagement enablement platform that addresses the needs of both mid-to-large size organizations and the rising independent professional class.

"This report adds to the momentum of our recent industry press, research and recognition. We have been recognized by Staffing Industry Analysts, as the largest and most experienced Independent Contractor Engagement Specialist in the nation," says Gene Zaino, CEO of MBO Partners. "We will continue to innovate and be at the forefront of providing future of work education, resources and practical solutions. We are proud to be an important enabler of the 21st century workforce and we are grateful to work with the world's most recognized firms, as well as over 30,000 professionals who wish to build independent careers. Our vision involves unlocking a future where self-employment, and not a job, will be the key driver of the workforce."

To learn more about the changing landscape of work arrangements and engagement enablement platforms, register for the free webinar: Engaging the 21st Century Independent Professional Workforce. This webinar is for analysts, HR leaders, procurement executives and anyone who wants to learn more about the systems and strategies that will be needed in the future of work. A summary of the research paper is available here, and Webinar attendees can receive a full copy of the report. 

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MBO Partners is the leading provider of management services for independent professionals and the clients that engage them. We deliver a complete Business Operating System Solution that makes it easy for those self-employed professionals and their clients to work together in a convenient, tax-efficient and legally compliant manner. For self-employed professionals, MBO Partners manages their entire business infrastructure. Our technology platform includes a proprietary process to handle billing and revenue cycle management, contract administration, business insurances, expense management, tax withholding, health and retirement benefits and more. We couple this with the benefits of direct vendor access into enterprises and the "white glove" attention of a dedicated business manager. For organizations that use contract talent, MBO Partners provides a complete independent contractor aggregation and engagement offering, including compliance and payment solutions for 1099s, sole proprietors and micro-businesses. To learn more, visit

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