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McCain Inc.

October 10, 2011 12:00 ET

McCain Optimizes Traffic Flow in City of Temecula With Adaptive Signal Control

Report Confirms Reduced Congestion and Improved Mobility for City Residents

VISTA, CA--(Marketwire - Oct 10, 2011) - McCain Inc., a leading manufacturer and supplier of intelligent transportation systems, traffic control equipment and parking guidance solutions, today announced study results that validate the success of McCain's QuicTrac™ adaptive control software deployed to the City of Temecula. The study highlights the vast array of benefits achievable through an adaptive system including optimized traffic flow, reduced arterial and freeway interchange congestion, fuel and cost savings for commuters, and improved mobility.

McCain's adaptive solution exceeded project requirements according to a comprehensive study. The survey calculated the arterials' level of service, measured in delay per vehicle, both pre and post deployment, evaluating the system's benefit-to-cost ratio and environmental impact. QuicTrac adaptive signal control reduced delays at 81.3% of the study intersections, yielding a 14% citywide improvement in travel time, 17% increase in corridor speeds, as well as 29% less stops. In addition, the solution delivered a 30:1 benefit-to-cost ratio to the City and is projected to save commuters $2.6 million in first year travel time and $437,000 in first year fuel costs.

"Adaptive control technology is the preferred method for optimizing signal coordination," said Michael Kenney, president of Kenney Engineering, Inc. "The City of Temecula's case study results support adaptive control's ability to effectively reduce congestion and improve mobility, enhancing the quality of life for residents -- one of the primary objectives of the City's Sustainability Plan."

Considerable congestion levels and queuing on off-ramps during rush hours led the City of Temecula to seek out a solution that would lower congestion and maximize thoroughfare at minimal expense to the City. McCain's adaptive signal control system optimized signal timing along 83 intersections spanning 18 miles of the City's busiest corridors, including seven traffic signals located at the I-15 freeway interchange.

"In today's economic climate, it's imperative vendor's offer cost-effective solutions. We're pleased to have supplied the City of Temecula with a solution that proved successful in providing such impressive results at a minimal cost," said Brian Wagner, ITS solutions manager for McCain Inc. "The technology's scope of capabilities was truly exemplified in these results, supporting the technology's ability to optimize and maximize efficiencies."

About QuicTrac
McCain's QuicTrac adaptive control software operates through the collection and analysis of real-time data from field detectors, loops or video, establishing traffic flow and demand. The software then runs a series of advanced algorithms to determine and coordinate optimum signal timing for the entire corridor. By coordinating traffic signals based on current conditions, the technology provides a series of green lights, expediting groups of vehicles through arterials.

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