SOURCE: McCord Holdings

July 15, 2016 14:51 ET

McCord Holdings' Viniferamine Supplements Now More Available on US Market

Company Focuses on Doctor-Formulated Natural Remedies

BOCA RATON, FL--(Marketwired - July 15, 2016) - McCord Holdings, a company focused on the development and distribution of cosmeceuticals and dietary health supplements formulated through years of scientific research, is pleased to announce its line is more available in the United States after partnering with Nutritional Products International.

"There are numerous supplement manufacturers that use the shotgun approach to creating supplements and just add a trending ingredient the medical world does not know much about. What is unique about McCord Holdings is we use natural ingredients that are widely accepted by medical professionals to be safe and effective like olives, grapes, broccoli and green tea," said Dr. Kyle Hilsabeck, Pharmacist and Vice President of Pharmaceutical Affairs.

Dr. D. Elizabeth McCord -- who actually got her start as a biochemist focused on skin care -- founded McCord Holdings. She saw the effects that radiation therapy had on her mother's skin and decided there had to be something that could be done to address the condition. She looked to the olive knowing that it had thousands of years of historical significance in multiple cultures and mountains of evidence supporting its healing properties.

Through an understanding of cellular biochemistry and much research, Dr. McCord developed her unique formula, Olivamine® 10 Max, consisting of olive leaf extract (providing the potent antioxidants hydroxytyrosol and oleuropein) along with several key vitamins and amino acids. Company supported research was able to demonstrate that this precise balance had powerful effects on cells and was actually able to stimulate cellular antioxidant pathways keeping cells alive longer and decreasing wound healing times. Olivamine was first added to skin care products (Medline Remedy with Olivamine) and quickly became an industry leader in long term care and hospital settings.

Olivamine® 10 Max did not make its way into supplements until Dr. McCord was herself diagnosed with breast cancer and leukemia. At this point, after seeing the results of Olivamine® 10 Max on cellular and immune health, she decided that she needed to experience these benefits throughout her entire body -- and that is when the supplements were born. Ever since then, the company has been dedicated to providing the highest quality science-based nutritional supplements utilizing their patented ingredient -- with the customer's well-being as the central focus. Continued research has continued to support the role of Olivamine® 10 Max in promoting cellular health and immune function, with over 8 patents granted and 5 pending.

"Most conditions people suffer with can be tied to nutritional imbalances, oxidative stress, decreased immune function, and inflammation. Viniferamine Supplements were developed to provide the nutrients people's bodies are missing, and to target some of the underlying cellular processes ubiquitous to most disease states," said Hilsabeck. "Now with this new partnership our products are available to more consumers than ever."

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