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November 07, 2013 11:00 ET

McDonalds' Career Site Tops List of Most Mobile-Ready Fortune 500 Companies in New iMomentous Research

Company's Latest Corporate Mobile Readiness Report Finds 95% of Fortune 500 Companies Unable to Keep Up With Job Seeker Expectations

HORSHAM, PA--(Marketwired - Nov 7, 2013) - iMomentous, delivering a highly scalable mobile talent technology platform that enables companies to recruit, retain and engage their talent, today announced the release of the third edition of its Corporate Mobile Readiness Report, an ongoing study of the mobile career sites of Fortune 500 companies.

The number of job seekers using mobile devices to search for opportunities continues to rise rapidly. More than 30 percent of job searches on Google are now conducted from mobile devices, and job search aggregators such as Indeed report that more than a third of their traffic is mobile. Although job seekers have embraced the idea of searching and applying to job opportunities from their smartphones and tablets, many organizations have been slow to adapt to this growing trend.

With its third Corporate Mobile Readiness Report, iMomentous has continued its research into the mobile candidate experience offered by the Fortune 500 companies, which serve as representative samples of the larger population of employers. In the summer of 2013, iMomentous visited the websites of each of the Fortune 500 using an iPhone and conducted the mobile apply process to evaluate their level of mobile optimization. Based on criteria including the existence of a mobile-optimized corporate site, a careers link, a mobile-enabled career section and apply process, the use of native apps and the inclusion of other career-related content, iMomentous rated the mobile readiness of each company.

Since the second edition of the report, based on research conducted in January 2013, iMomentous has found modest improvement in terms of mobile presence, with a 250 percent increase in the number of companies rated as Front Runners and a 17 percent reduction in those considered "Off the Radar." However, the growth of mobile corporate sites continues to outpace the development of mobile career sites by 60 percent, representing a strong disconnect.

Additional key findings of the research include:

  • Only 26 of the evaluated mobile career sites actually enable a candidate to apply to a job, meaning that just 5 percent of the Fortune 500 has fully adopted mobile recruiting technology to offer job seekers an end-to-end mobile candidate experience.
  • McDonald's, which earned the top ranking in the previous two reports, has retained its leading position for the third consecutive time.
  • Although the number of Fortune 500 companies ranked as being "Off the Radar" has decreased slightly, there are still 182 companies with no mobile presence or that provide a negative candidate experience.
  • While mobile adoption continues to rise, there is still a substantial disconnect between corporate marketing and human resources. Of the 200 mobile corporate sites, only 71 have a link to the careers site, 41 of which are non-mobile career sites.
  • More than 60 percent of the Fortune 500's mobile career sites are not redirected, meaning that a candidate searching for jobs on a mobile device may never find the mobile careers site.

"For any company struggling to develop a mobile-optimized candidate experience, our research shows that they are not alone," said Ed Newman, vice president of Strategy for iMomentous. "Despite modest gains, more than a third of the Fortune 500 did not meet any of our evaluation criteria, highlighting a significant gap in their ability to meet job seeker demand for a mobile apply process. By shedding light on this disconnect, we hope more organizations will take action to develop their mobile candidate experience and enable candidates to apply wherever and whenever they want."

iMomentous has made the report available for complimentary download at:

To further help organizations understand how their mobile career site offerings compare to their peers, iMomentous has launched an automated grading system called the Mobile Career Index. The system uses more than 30 scoring criteria to provide an overall performance rating of the company's mobile site. More information about the Mobile Career Index can be found at:

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