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McGhee Productivity Solutions, Inc.

December 14, 2010 08:23 ET

McGhee Productivity Solutions Releases On-Demand Webcast, "Harnessing Your Energy to Increase Productivity"

DENVER, CO--(Marketwire - December 14, 2010) - McGhee Productivity Solutions, Inc. (McGhee), a premier performance consulting firm for Fortune 500 companies, recently released the on-demand webcast "Harnessing Your Energy to Increase Productivity" featuring Executive Consultant, Steven Terry.

Steven has facilitated thousands of productivity programs in over 20 countries around the world for Fortune 500 companies and is an expert on productivity. This webcast, aimed at reaching professionals struggling with maintaining energy in a fast-paced business environment, highlights the five measures people can take to increase energy:

  • Strategically Disengage
  • Manage Interruptions
  • Clear the Mind
  • The Power of Completion
  • Health and Wellness for Work/Life Balance

The importance of being fully engaged can only be accomplished by limiting interruptions coming in by e-mail, co-workers, one's own thoughts, voice mails, and multitasking, among other distractions. Steven outlines a few proven strategies for reducing interruptions using methodologies from the company's Take Back Your Life seminar, such as establishing protocols instead of immediately responding to requests, scheduling uninterrupted time on the calendar for completing project work, and shutting off e-mail notification buzzes and beeps.

Conversely, he also challenges viewers to analyze and alter the way they run their workdays to include times where they are fully disengaged. "To be fully engaged, you must be fully disengaged periodically," Steven states as he compares executives and business professionals to athletes, calling them "corporate athletes" who need to treat their workday as a series of sprints rather than a marathon. 

One of McGhee's most requested exercises, the minute-long Clearing the Mind Exercise, is introduced for the first time to the public in this on-demand webcast. This exercise is intended to jumpstart new productivity strategies that viewers can carry with them and elaborate on in their work and personal lives.

"Being productive is not just about completing the right things, it is about living from a place of greater awareness, cooperation, and management of our own energy so that we remain balanced, energized, and healthy," concludes Steven.

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McGhee Productivity Solutions, Inc. (McGhee) provides consulting services, tools, and education to increase performance and work/life balance. Based in Denver, CO, McGhee integrates its proven methods and protocols with Microsoft technology to deliver innovative action-management strategies to individuals, teams, and organizations worldwide. From the boardroom to the knowledge worker, the McGhee approach drives accountability, maximizes technology investments, and improves job satisfaction to help organizations create a true culture of productivity. McGhee is in the process of becoming a Certified Woman-Owned Business

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