McGraw-Hill Ryerson

McGraw-Hill Ryerson

September 23, 2009 12:00 ET

McGraw-Hill Releases the Latest Book by Dr. David Krueger:

The Secret Language of Money

WHITBY, ONTARIO--(Marketwire - Sept. 23, 2009) -

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Money talks - but what is it really saying? If money were math, we'd simply have it, spend it, earn it, and save it. But our relationship with money is more complex than that. We breathe life into money, and give it emotional value. We use it to punish and reward ourselves, to do things that money isn't designed to do. And that's where things get complicated.

Each one of us has our own personal relationship with money, our money story - which is nothing less than the sum total of our financial history: what we've been taught about money, how we've been conditioned to saving and spending it, not to mention how our brains physically respond to money - how we feel when we make it and spend it. Our brains have patterned responses to money, and thus every cent we spend is at its heart an emotional investment and sets off a corresponding chemical state.

Welcome to the world of neuroeconomics, the scientific intersection of psychology, economics, and neuroscience. In THE SECRET LANGUAGE OF MONEY, former psychiatrist and current financial coach David Krueger casts his scientific eye on the brain's relationship with currency, and uses neuroscience to decode our money stories. In this economy, there is no better time to have a deeper understanding of your emotional connection to money; it can mean the difference between a comfortable retirement and filing for bankruptcy.

Combining science and application, Krueger gives readers a guided tour to the subconscious meanings we give money, and the often illogical ways we handle it. In the process he helps us pull back the curtains on our darkest, deepest, unspoken financial secrets, and offers prescriptive suggestions toward better habits. Your perception of money - the feelings it engenders - the idea of money as a "thing" - the realities of it in your daily life, how spending it makes you see yourself, and how all these varying concepts square with one another can deeply affect your financial present and future.

Why did so many wealthy people and otherwise intelligent money managers blindly trust a financial advisor like Bernie Madoff? Why would a graduate from Harvard's John F. Kennedy School of Business pay $450 in an auction to win a $100 bill? How have Americans' collective credit card debts reached a staggering $972.73 billion? Why do some millionaires live like paupers? How do people who start out financially comfortable end up bankrupt? Neuroeconomics, contends Krueger, is at the heart of every financial transaction and every money story, including yours.

Readers may be shocked to recognize themselves in Krueger's deconstruction of destructive spending patterns. Debt cycles, competitive and compulsive spending, availability bias, herd mentality, and spending justifications might be murdering your wallet. By attuning ourselves to the subconscious messages money is sending us, we will be better able to understand our motivations and spending habits - as individuals and even as a society - and will gain the knowledge and power we need to rewrite our financial histories.

A compelling blend of scientific data, neuroeconomics, psychology and practical advice, this book will help you decipher your own secret language of money and equip you with the knowledge you need to live a richer life.

About the Authors:

David Krueger formerly practiced and taught psychiatry and psychoanalysis for more than 25 years. He is currently CEO of MentorPath, an executive coaching practice serving corporate executives and healing professionals, and he serves as Mentor Coach and Dean of Curriculum for the Coach Training Alliance. Krueger lives in Houston, Texas.

John David Mann has been writing about business, leadership, and the laws of success for more than twenty years. He is coauthor of the Wall Street Journal bestseller The Go-Giver and the Silver Nautilus Award-winning A Deadly Misunderstanding and author of The Zen of MLM. He lives in Massachusetts.

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