McGraw-Hill Ryerson

McGraw-Hill Ryerson

May 19, 2009 12:00 ET

McGraw-Hill Releases the Latest Book by Wendy Chant: Conquer the Fat-Loss Code

WHITBY, ONTARIO--(Marketwire - May 19, 2009) -

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Think about most of the diets you've been on. You start out all excited, get some quick results by eating nothing but cheese or yogurt or peanut butter or bacon for a few days, and then after a while you lose your enthusiasm but no more weight. In fact, once the enthusiasm wears off, typically the weight comes back.

Conquer the Fat-Loss Code by author and performance nutritionist Wendy Chant, takes up where her New York Times bestseller Crack the Fat-Loss Code leaves off. Here, readers will get all the conquering secrets that Chant offers in her ForeverFit(R) training centers, which have helped thousands of women lose weight for life, for the long term - without feeling deprived, feeling guilty about relapsing, or even gaining weight.

What's The Code's Trade Secret? It's analyzing and unlocking your body's unique 72/48 patterns:

- Every 72 hours, your body analyzes the energy you take in, and calculates how it can reserve as much of that energy as possible to allow it to function as it should.

- Every 48 hours, your body slows down certain functions or readjusts the energy it uses, so that it has enough in reserve to keep functioning based on what it thinks you'll be expending.

The minute your body senses it's getting less than it normally needs, your brain sends signals to conserve for the coming dry spell. It shuts down body temperature, reduces the absorption rate of food, slows down your metabolism, and stores up energy "just in case." By learning how your body responds to food, and controlling, manipulating, and tricking your body into using fat as an energy source, is to Conquer the Fat-Loss Code.

Conquer the Fat-Loss Code lets readers eat whatever they want, including pizza, ice cream, and fries. They Carb Up, Carb Down, and have Baseline Days. There's no starving (in fact, readers are encouraged to eat every four hours). There are easy exercise suggestions for every fitness level, and plenty of support in case they start to get stuck.


Wendy Chant is the author of the New York Times bestseller Crack the Fat-Loss Code. She is a certified master personal trainer (MPT) and a specialist in performance nutrition (SPN), with a bachelor of science degree in medical sciences and nutrition science. Her ForeverFit(R) programs and services are offered at Chant's national headquarters in Florida.

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