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September 14, 2007 15:00 ET

McGuinty Must Apologize for Thunder Bay Smear

TORONTO, ONTARIO--(Marketwire - Sept. 14, 2007) - Thunder Bay's NetNewsLedger has called on McGuinty Liberals to apologize for repeating the spurious allegation that Howard Hampton's putting jobs at risk. The editorial is attached:


Going Negative is Unfair to Thunder Bay!

Michael Gravelle is an honourable man. Frankly, I believe for the most part that all of the candidates who put their names forward to serve our community and region do so out of a desire to help people. That is why for me, today, to read an press release issued under Mr. Gravelle's name by the Ontario Liberals which plays hard and fast with the facts, I was shocked... Earlier this year, as this issue of potential job loses at the Bombardier Plant came forward, there were press releases from the provincial and federal Liberals firing solidly at Howard Hampton. I looked at this issue in-depth seeking to find out exactly what the truth was. I spoke to as many of the principles on this issue, including both Mr. Hampton and Mr. Gravelle along with staff members in his office.

Bluntly put, there are no jobs at risk at Bombardier over the subway extension. The source for that statement is Adam Giambrone, the Chairman of the TTC. In fact, according to Giambrone, rather than job losses in Thunder Bay, the opposite is likely true. There is good news for Thunder Bay and our Bombardier workers according to Giambrone. The TTC is looking to have their streetcar fleet replaced. That contract could come as soon as this winter.

One would have thought knowing that fact, that the McGuinty Campaign, and Mr. Gravelle's campaign would have wanted to share that news with Thunder Bay and Ontario voters. Instead a press release that plays extremely fast with the facts was issued under the headline "Hampton's NDP Would Kill Northern Jobs".

Actions like this make all voters look at politicians with either disdain or indifference. Personally, I think it would be a classy move by Mr. Gravelle to issue an apology to Thunder Bay workers, if not to Mr. Hampton.

Will Dalton McGuitny apologize?

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