October 25, 2006 14:58 ET

McGuinty Referendum Threshold Undemocratic

Attention: Assignment Editor, City Editor, Environment Editor, News Editor, Government/Political Affairs Editor TORONTO, ONTARIO, PRESS RELEASE--(CCNMatthews - Oct. 25, 2006) - "The Liberals say 60% of Ontarians are required to choose our electoral system, forgetting that they were elected with only 46% of the vote," said Green Party of Ontario leader, Frank de Jong. "This is a desperate attempt to ensure the absolute power of phony majorities. The Liberals are flaunting the fundamental tenet of democracy - that the majority rules."

By requiring 60% of Ontarians to vote for implementing change to our electoral system, based on the results of the Ontario Citizens' Assembly on Electoral Reform, the McGuinty government is following the disastrous path of the 2005 British Columbia referendum. Over 57% of B.C. voters voted for change yet, because of a 60% threshold, the 43% minority ruled the day. At the same time, the B.C. Liberal Party was rewarded with a solid majority government while receiving less than 46% of the popular vote across the province. Voters across British Columbia voiced their extreme outrage over this double standard.

"This is a sad day for democracy in Ontario," declared Darren Redfern, GPO Democratic Renewal Secretariat Issue Advocate. "The recommendation of a 60% supermajority threshold for the upcoming referendum shows the McGuinty Liberals blatant disrespect for the very process of electoral system reform that they themselves set up. It undermines the excellent and dedicated work of the current Citizens' Assembly."

"The Green Party of Ontario will continue to fully support the Citizens' Assembly on Electoral Reform," added Redfern. "At the same time we will fight vigorously to remove this undemocratic supermajority threshold."
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