Ontario's NDP

Ontario's NDP

September 06, 2007 17:02 ET

McGuinty's Rehashing of Broken Promises an Insult to Working Families

Ontarians know they can't trust McGuinty Liberals

TORONTO, ONTARIO--(Marketwire - Sept. 6, 2007) - NDP leader Howard Hampton says the McGuinty Liberals are insulting hardworking families by trying to sell them the same platform of promises he spent the last four years breaking. Hampton says after four years of inaction and broken promises, hardworking Ontarians won't believe Dalton McGuinty again.

"The Liberals' so-called 'Moving Forward' plan is more like 'Moving Back in Time' - they've just slapped a new cover on their 2003 platform. The difference is this time, after four years of broken promises and being let down, hardworking families now know they can't count on Dalton McGuinty," said Hampton.

McGuinty's Liberals promised change in 2003, but they haven't delivered. Instead, they've broken promise after promise - the same promises they're re-making in the current campaign.

"The McGuinty Liberals will say anything and promise anything to get people's votes. By keeping the unfair health premium in this platform, they are breaking a promise, to fix a promise they broke in the last campaign. Confused? They hope so. But one thing is clear - promises mean nothing to Dalton McGuinty," said Hampton.

Like his 2003 platform, McGuinty's "new" platform contains a list of half-measures and patchwork solutions that will do nothing to make life better or more fair for working families.

"Ontarians gave Mr. McGuinty their vote once - and he failed them. They won't make that mistake again. They know we can't afford to waste another four years of our province's talent and potential. It's time working families had a leader they can count on to deliver them a fair deal," said Hampton.

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