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February 01, 2011 13:12 ET

MDBlackBox Launches Free Web-Based Electronic Medical Record System (EMR) Tool for Practitioners and Clinics

SAN JOSE, CA--(Marketwire - February 1, 2011) - MDBlackBox, announces the availability of their free, on-demand, no-risk Practice Management EMR suite, which also includes wellness tools for use by patients -- all at no cost to the physician or clinic.

MDBlackBox was founded by a Hospitalist Physician who was not satisfied that available EMR systems sufficiently eased challenges while simultaneously providing safe, secure and user-friendly access for patients.

The feature-rich MDBlackBox is not only for patient record keeping, but also appointment scheduling, billing, laboratory and radiology order entry, electronic prescription transmission, staff management, and arrangement of referrals yet is designed to be user-friendly, secure and easily used from any web-accessible computer, phone, or tablet.

MDBlackBox security and reliability equals that of online banking systems. Keeping all of a patient's records in a single maximally reliable data vault prevents the information gaps that can develop when a patient sees multiple practitioners. Records are also robustly shielded from damage or loss.

MDBlackBox is designed for use in practices ranging from solo practitioners to large clinics. Its wide spectrum of features make it easier to communicate with patients, manage their care and follow their progress as well as substantially increasing practice management efficiency and aiding in human resource management and practice marketing. The integrated wellness tools help patients monitor and relay their daily condition and activities improving compliance with ongoing treatment programs such as weight management. Similarly, mobile device text reminders can be generated to help patients maintain their medication schedules.

Users can obtain and have MDBlackBox up and running in less than one day with no licensing or hosting fees and without purchasing special equipment. As the nationwide goal of universal EMR adoption by 2015 approaches, MDBlackBox is an excellent across-the-board solution that is ready right now. Interested physicians and clinics can start the process of evaluating and adopting MDBlackBox with a visit to

About MDBlackBox

MDBlackBox addresses the complexities and critical needs of today's healthcare environments by providing a revolutionary web-based, on-demand platform for record keeping and patient support that eliminates the costs and challenges associated with licensing, implementation, integration and support usually experienced with leading enterprise software solutions. With MDBlackBox providers can deliver the highest level of care and service to their patients simply, easily and inexpensively. Learn more at

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