February 25, 2010 08:05 ET

ME911 Launches Its Line of Intelligent IDs, Safety Wristbands and Keychain USB Drives to Protect Families During an Emergency

SAN FRANCISCO, CA--(Marketwire - February 25, 2010) - Today, ME911, a premier provider of 24/7 emergency response services for families, launched their new line of intelligent ID bracelets and keychain jump drives to protect families in case of an emergency. Whether it's a parent with a young child, an avid sports fan, or a frequent traveler -- the ME911 ID Wristband, ME911 USB Wristband and ME911 USB Keychain are designed to fit their needs.

Every parent prioritizes the safety of their children and while preparing for the unexpected may seem daunting, ME911 simplifies it. For instance, if a child were to get separated at a crowded mall or an amusement park, the Good Samaritan that finds the child can call the 24/7 helpline listed on his or her ME911 ID Wristband, provide the unique member ID number imprinted on the bracelet and ME911 will instantly alert the child's family and emergency contacts via text message and phone calls so they can be reunited right away.

For those that enjoy the outdoors like hikers, bicyclists, sports enthusiasts, or athletes, carrying identification is vital in the event they get injured. ME911's lightweight, waterproof, silicone ID wristbands, can easily be identified by emergency responders who can call ME911 to immediately gain access to vital health and emergency information, that could be life saving.

Then there's ME911's USB Keychain which allows frequent travelers to travel easy knowing they've got all their emergency information in the palm of their hands. Unlike generic store jump drives or memory sticks, ME911's USB drive acts like an emergency resource guide with preloaded fill-in-the-blank forms and labeled folders for vital documents like driver's license and passport copies, insurance provider information and ID card, cell phone contact list etc. all in one secure place accessible anytime, anywhere. For instance, in the event of a lost wallet or passport, they can immediately print out copies for airport authorities that save time during the verification process.

"We are very pleased to provide these innovative services to the marketplace developed based on consumer feedback that ME911 has received over the years," stated Clarence Wesley, CEO, ME911. "ME911 intelligent IDs coupled with our secure vital document storage, such as digital child fingerprinting, and live personal crisis assistance gives customers a comprehensive and secure suite of emergency solutions."

ME911 ID Wristbands come in child, youth, and adult sizes and various colors with a $5 one-time activation fee plus $9.95/yr (annual membership per household). The ME911 USB Keychain is available in red with the ME911 logo for easy identification with a one-time $10 activation fee plus $9.95/yr (annual membership per household).

For pet owners, ME911 also has PetME to help reunite owners with their pets or even provide detailed health information to vets in an emergency. PetME includes a pet finder tag with a unique serial number including the ability to store health records, list of vaccines, medications, recent photos, vet visits etc. securely online. PetME is available with a one-time $5 activation fee plus $9.95/yr (annual membership per household).

The annual membership for each product includes ME911's 24/7 Personal Crisis Assistant service and Virtual Safe so members feel safe knowing we've got their back in case of an emergency, whether it's sending out emergency text alerts or accessing their vital documents like copies of birth certificates, insurance or loan documents, wills, deeds, etc. stored securely online.

ME911 products can be purchased at, by calling 1.866.954.6364, at the American Red Cross bay Area Chapter's store online, and even at Amazon.

ME911 has also helped thousands of parents by hosting free child fingerprinting and safety events nationwide within communities. These events provide families with child safety resources and raise awareness about the importance of having their child's emergency information on hand in the unfortunate event that they go missing. Parents can visit or join ME911's Facebook or Twitter group to stay informed about upcoming safety fingerprinting events and product promotions.

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ME911 is an innovative company offering safety ID wristbands, USB keychains, and pet IDs with 24/7 emergency response services to help keep families and their loved ones safe. With ME911 members can send instant emergency alerts via text and email with just one phone call. ME911 also provides a virtual safe so members can store copies of vital documents securely online, accessible anytime, anywhere. For more information please visit

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