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January 23, 2014 10:00 ET

Meal Delivery Service's Rapid Growth Is Revolutionizing Healthy Living

PHOENIX, AZ--(Marketwired - January 23, 2014) - With fad diets and terms like "healthy", "low fat" and "low calorie" constantly bombarding our brains, it's difficult to know what foods or diets are right for us.  Attempting healthy cooking at home, not to mention eating out, becomes a seemingly insurmountable challenge.  Enter the nation's most recent and fastest growing solution to the convenient health food market -- F3 Foods "F3".

Perfectly poised at the intersection of fitness and technology, F3 is a web-based company that delivers fresh meals directly to customer's doorsteps.  The company credits their success to the quality and taste of their meals, as well as the incredible results people experience with their meal plans.  Originally, you could only order F3 meal plans if you lived in Tucson or Phoenix, Arizona.  However, since August 2013, the company began shipping to all 48 states.  F3's improved shipping capabilities extended the company's reach and stimulated exponential growth!  In 2013, the company's sales grew by an amazing 500%!

"We understand that it can be a challenge for people to lead a healthy lifestyle, simply due to time constraints," says F3 Foods CEO & Co-Founder Michael Wystrach.  "We were very excited to see our product catch on so quickly outside of our home market.  We saw our out of state sales go from non-existent to over 50% of our business in less than 5 months."   When asked how F3 has grown so quickly over the last 5 months, Mr. Wystrach responded, "Finding the time and energy to prepare and cook healthy meals can be the most difficult facet of a health & fitness regimen, and we designed F3 to address this challenge.  Our customers think of F3 as their "personal chefs and private nutritionists," and they have spread the word quickly.  The reason we have grown so quickly can be summed up with three words: word-of-mouth.  We love our customers!"   

F3 features two major meal plans, The GetFit Program and The StayFit Program.  Both of these meal plans were created in part with Dr. Frank Comstock, M.D., an anti-aging and medical-weight loss specialist.  "What we eat on daily basis impacts our health in numerous ways," says F3 Medical Consultant & Co-Founder Dr. Frank Comstock M.D.  "When we remove processed foods and excessive sugars from our diet and replace them with high-quality proteins, fats, and low-glycemic carbohydrates, we make tremendous strides in our health."

"Our long-term mission is simple, we want to provide our customers with the greatest tasting, healthiest, most convenient, and most affordable meals possible.  We love making the lives of our customers a little easier and a lot healthier!" says CEO Michael Wystrach. 

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