360 Enterprise Software

360 Enterprise Software

September 08, 2010 09:46 ET

Mecanica Solutions Inc. and FAB Solutions, LLC Announce Partnership to Market a Comprehensive PLM and Business Automation Solution-360 Enterprise Software

MONTREAL, QUEBEC--(Marketwire - Sept. 8, 2010) - Mecanica Solutions Inc., an industry leading provider of engineering solutions & services to aerospace, automotive and manufacturing firms, announced a business partnership with FAB Solutions, LLC. The partnership enables FAB Solutions to market, sell and support the full suite of 360 Enterprise Software solutions in the United States with a focus on Illinois and Michigan. "We've known the team at FAB Solutions for many years and were quite pleased at what this opportunity represents. This is a symbiotic union that pairs their strength in knowledge and service with our robust software. Having a versatile suite, that's built to act as a stand-alone solution or a compliment to existing technologies, will go a long way in enhancing FAB's reputation as a premier provider of support and service to the business community," says Morty Smolash (GM, 360 Enterprise Software)." We've addressed the calls to introduce a solution that improves speed to market while simultaneously minimizing the problems of quality control, production errors, recalls and costs associated with uncontrolled manual processes. Simply put...it answers the call."

A recent article in Cadalyst Magazine stands as a testimony to what 360 can do.

Read the full article - http://www.cadalyst.com/collaboration/product-lifecycle-management/plm-personalized-13391-0

FAB Solutions, LLC has a strong foundation and reputation for providing world-class engineering and manufacturing solutions. The company focuses on selling, installing and supporting enterprise software that accelerates product development and manufacturing launch processes while improving manpower efficiency and product quality. Debbie Fecek, FAB Solutions' founder and CEO, states, "There are very few solutions today that unify the many functional areas and people needed to consistently deliver high quality products. 360 Enterprise Software not only improves product quality, it also streamlines and accelerates business processes and quickly generates a strong return on investment." Ms. Fecek further states, "We are excited to be partnered with the professionals at Mecanica Solutions. FAB has extensive knowledge and experience in the automotive and industrial equipment markets, which are ideal customers for the 360 Solution. Our customers expect high value solutions with immediate results and 360 Enterprise Software delivers!"

About 360 Enterprise Software

360 Enterprise Software is a suite of solutions designed to streamline business processes and increase speed around product development cycles. The suite includes Project Management, Document Management, Business Process Management and features a robust, real-time gateway to EnterprisePDM. 360 Enterprise Software empowers cross functional teams to efficiently share critical information, work collectively, and maximize operational efficiency. The solution suite combines powerful and intuitive collaborative capabilities into a single, fully integrated solution.


About FAB Solutions, LLC

FAB Solutions was established in 1984 under the name of FAB Consulting. The leadership team has extensive experience in delivering value to engineering and manufacturing customers. They have implemented CAD and PLM systems from Dassault and from Siemens. The team has also innovated supply-chain support programs for Ford, Chrysler and Nissan to improve the product development and manufacturing launch processes.

FAB Solutions continues its heritage and focuses on value-added Software Solutions that improve worker efficiency and product quality throughout the Extended Enterprise including the upstream supply-chain and downstream customer-base. The Company provides sales, installation, configuration, training and support. Their solutions deliver optimized workflow across department boundaries, real-time project management with comprehensive intranet capabilities, interactive 3D and business intelligence through executive dashboards. FAB delivers world-class solutions that accelerate your company's throughput while improving its product quality and that are designed to payback in less than one year.


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