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January 06, 2014 08:00 ET

Medamonitor Introduces New Technology to Measure Fat-Burning at CES 2014

Handheld Device Measures the Body's State of Ketosis -- or Fat-Burning -- Through Exhaled Breath

SEATTLE, WA--(Marketwired - Jan 6, 2014) -  Medamonitor, a Seattle-based bio-sensor technology company, today announced it will share its patent-pending technology at CES in Las Vegas, January 7-10, 2014 in booth #25931.

A common frustration in weight loss programs is that it's difficult to know what diet and activities effectively burn fat. Waiting for the scale to show results takes time, and determining whether specific diet, exercise and supplement choices are actually burning fat in real-time has not been possible.

Medamonitor's patent-pending technology will change that. The company's handheld device -- currently in development -- will tell the user via exhaled breath whether he or she is burning fat. While there are other products that can indicate a fat-burning state, they require bio samples such as blood or urine. Furthermore, accelerometers, heart rate monitors and basic pedometers are unable to provide data on what's actually happening within the body and how specific activities and foods may affect an individual's fat-burning state. Medamonitor's solution is simple and easy to use, and gives users the data to reach workout and weight loss goals.

"Too often, people waste time and money on difficult diets and exercise routines only to learn that they're not working or are not sustainable for the long-term," Medamonitor founder and President Brad Root said. "The scale can only tell you so much, and fluctuations in weight can be frustrating and misleading. Medamonitor gives people the best knowledge possible to manage their diet and activities for weight management and overall health. We are confident that our technology will provide a critical and unique data point to monitor an individual's state of health," Root concluded.

Medamonitor's unique sensors analyze the gasses and materials in human breath to detect acetone, a by-product of fat-burning. For energy, cells first look to glucose as the source. When glucose is low or absent, cells turn to fat for energy. Through the metabolic breakdown process of converting fat to energy, acetone is produced as a by-product. The acetone crosses the blood vessel barriers and goes into the oxygen deep within the lungs. Expanding a deep breath brings acetone out of the body through the mouth.

Medamonitor tells you how your food intake (what, when, how much, etc.) affects your fat burning. It also tells you how your exercise activity (what, when, how much, how intense, etc.) affects your fat burning. With Medamonitor, you know instantly whether or not your efforts are taking you toward your fat loss goals.

The product is being developed by GM Nameplate in Seattle with support from Stratos Product Development. The device will be showcased at CES 2014 in Las Vegas in booth #25931. The company expects the product to be available to users in mid-late 2014.

About Medamonitor
Medamonitor, LLC is wholly owned by GM Nameplate, Inc. GM Nameplate is a privately held multinational corporation established in 1954. GM Nameplate is a custom manufacturer of nameplates, labels, membrane switches, touch screens, molded plastics, bio sensors, and other related products. GM Nameplate serves multiple industries including medical, aerospace, transportation, test and measurement, agriculture, computer and computer peripheral, etc. Brad Root, President of GM Nameplate's WA Division, created Medamonitor to take advantage of the company's bio sensor knowledge and to address a strong need within the diet and exercise market.

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