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June 21, 2006 21:52 ET


Teen Documentary Director Available to Discuss Childhood Health Issues

ALISO VIEJO, CA -- (MARKET WIRE) -- June 21, 2006 -- A new teen-targeted documentary is hoping to send the message that parents and big business have played a huge part in the obesity crisis, and are contributing to the demise of our nation's culture.

Thirty percent of adolescents, ages 12-19, are either overweight or obese. "Parents, schools, politicians and corporations have a responsibility to do whatever they can to create positive solutions for this crisis, and children have a right to rally against any manipulation, greed or plain denial from those in authority," says Jennifer Mattox, director of the documentary "Vending Machine." "We have become drones, programmed to buy, consume, buy, consume, buy and consume with little thought to what we consume and a lot of thought to appeasement and instant gratification," Mattox continued. "Teens need to understand that they have the power to overcome any difficulties they may be enduring created by our country's food culture."

"Teenage pressures of school and home are plenty enough to handle for these kids. It's too bad we haven't yet gotten a handle on how to help them," says Doug Clemons, producer of "Vending Machine." "Unfortunately, it's always about money and the shady dealings that happen among each industry protecting their own."

The producers of Vending Machine intend to tell a story that compels teens to take action and persuades the rest of us to be inspired.

Faerie Films is presently in production of the full-length, theatrical release, documentary. The teen-targeted film is a rallying cry for today's teenage generation to take notice of, and confront the mess their parents' generation has handed them. Genuine teens are urged to challenge the plight of their reality when they face up to their addictions to fast food, junk food and their Game Boy® playin', Big Gulp® slurpin' lifestyles. The film company expects to complete the documentary this fall and anticipates a mid 2007 release.

The film's director, Jennifer Mattox, is available for interviews from Orange County, California on an ongoing basis. Ms. Mattox is fast becoming one of the nation's foremost children's health advocates, having spent the better part of her life pursuing her interests in nutrition, health and physical fitness. Jennifer is also executive director of World Revolution Against Poor Nutrition (WRAPN) a non-profit organization that fosters awareness concerning children's nutritional health issues.

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Faerie Films, LLC is an independent film company located in Aliso Viejo, California. Inspired by the current conditions of today's health and social challenges, Faerie Films is developing its first of several cinematic projects that will touch, move and inspire moviegoers to take action to reform thought patterns and human behavior.

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