February 20, 2009 06:00 ET

Media Advisory: Behind the Scenes Red Carpet Advice From Patty Fox, Fashion Coordinator for the Academy Awards®

Capturing Star Quality Fashions on a Budget

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WHAT: To get to the bottom of what the essence of star quality is and how we can capture it in everyday life, Patty Fox, Fashion Coordinator for the Academy Awards® and best-selling author of the "Star Style" book series brings you behind the scenes fashion secrets to keep the glamour flowing. Fox is also Chief Creative Officer at, an online fashion retailer that creates a Personal Shop™ for you that matches your measurements, reflects your style and flatters your body shape. As Hollywood's most glamorous night approaches, how can we capture the fashion glitz of Cameron Diaz, Diane Lane, Kate Winslet, and Salma Hayek without extravagant spending?

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Patty's Tips:

How can the everyday woman dress like a star without spending like one?

Fox: Have a wardrobe plan which makes each piece wearable for more than one outfit. We think of items as modules that work for many outfit groupings. This plan also helps you budget, through our "CPW" (Cost-Per-Wear) index, which looks at the value of a garment by the number of times and ways you can conceivably wear it. Buying a high-quality style is not an extravagance if you can use it to create multiple outfits. With a value dressing strategy you can save money and look polished at the same time.

The stars have teams of experts behind the scenes. How can I have a glamorous look without a personal stylist?

Fox: One hallmark of celebrity is having a recognizable "signature style." To capture real star quality you need to understand your own personal style and consistently dress with that in mind so it becomes a "signature" style -- one that is distinctly you. Finding your own personal style also imbues you with comfort and confidence. At myShape we help you understand your signature style when you fill out our profile. You can even shop outfits that fit and flatter you by lifestyle or style profile.

How can I maintain A-lister style on a budget?

Fox: Every woman should invest in a few special wardrobe pieces that really make her feel like a star. They should be timeless, preferably of better quality and most importantly, versatile. The secret is picking the right pieces for your body shape that you can mix and match and wear often in different ways to glam up your entire wardrobe.

How can I get that put-together celebrity look?

Fox: I suggest sorting your closet. For example, you can hang a suit as separate component pieces so you can easily see how these pieces can pair with others in wardrobe. Practice walking the Red Carpet while walking each item through your closet, and see which have chemistry together (a bit like leading men and women).

Do you have any tips for the everyday woman for "What Not to Wear?!"

Fox: Do not fall victim to over-trending: too much, too grand, too bold. Remember, runway shows and magazine editorials are fashion theater to make a bold artistic statement, and not meant to be worn on the streets as is. Translate using your Signature Style filter.

How can women of all shapes and sizes get that Red Carpet look?

Fox: Each of the seven body shapes we have identified through myShape provides tips for dressing for your shape. Dressing for your specific shape is about understanding proportion. Vertical lines as subtle as seaming elongate the figure. In general, use extra fullness or embellishment to counter-balance your widest area. A full hip looks for a dress with visual width at the bodice and/or shoulder. A few ways this can be accomplished is with bright color, horizontal line or print, off-the-shoulder flounce or extended, sculptural cap sleeves.

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