SOURCE: Strategic Technology Group

February 16, 2010 13:42 ET

Media Advisory: Dr. Adam C. Thermos, Noted University Security Expert, Says Lack of Psychological Profiling a Key Factor in Allowing Potentially Dangerous Faculty to Be Submerged in Campus Life -- Until Too Late

MEDWAY, MA--(Marketwire - February 16, 2010) - According to Adam C, Thermos, LL.B, M.A., PhD., president of Strategic Technology Group ( and well-known campus security expert, "The lack of effective psychological evaluation of faculty members at most colleges and universities is a tragedy waiting to happen. The very fact that campus life is enriched by students and professors of all types of personalities, eccentricities and odd behavior -- especially when exhibited by people acknowledged to be extremely intelligent and/or talented -- makes the ever-increasing incidents of serious violence even more shocking."

Dr. Thermos explained, "There are very few universally accepted psychometric tools available to identify the 'psychopath' or 'sociopath' lurking in the isolated and shadowy world of University labs. And very few know of or how to use these tools to make sure such personalities do not provoke a catastrophic incident.

"Sociopathic personality is inherently opaque, a ticking time bomb exposing labs and personnel to unimaginable danger," he continued.

"Although campuses recognize certain behavioral oddities, and psychopaths do regularly and often 'broadcast' intents and behavior, corporate and academic campus cultures prefer to isolate, ignore, or encourage the person to move away.

"This is the classic 'enemy within' scenario that no Human Resources Office nor Senior level Administration dares recognize in an all-pervasive PC culture," Dr. Thermos said.

A recent National Research Council report defines the problem of the 'Insider Threat' as a matter of culture, not rules. The present environment allowed Bruce Edward Ivins, a senior biodefense researcher at the US Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases at Fort Detrick, MD, to commit suicide after being suspected for anthrax attacks in 2001 that killed people in Washington, DC.

"Ditto for the murder of the Yale NIH undergraduate, Annie Le, killed and stuffed in the lab walls by co-worker Raymond Clark, or the Harvard University Medical School poisoning incident of six people at a research building with sodium azide, or the most recent case of multiple murders of professors at the University of Alabama-Huntsville by Amy Bishop, a Harvard-educated neurobiologist."

From his decades-long experience as security consultant to dozens of college and universities, Dr. Thermos said, "The majority of our security consulting is concerned with physical systems and products. However, even though student behavior is now becoming more scrutinized in the wake of recent events, faculty members present an almost totally unknown degree of dangerous behavior and unimaginable threat. Academic, corporate and government cultures must be made aware of the tools available to make their communities more secure, and how to use them effectively."

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