Association quebecoise de lutte contre la pollution atmospherique (AQLPA)

Association quebecoise de lutte contre la pollution atmospherique (AQLPA)

David Suzuki Foundation

David Suzuki Foundation

May 17, 2013 12:30 ET

Media Advisory: Environmental Groups to Rally for Cleaner Skies at ICAO Headquarters on May 21

Activists urge "No More Delays" in adopting a global plan for reducing climate pollution from aviation

MONTREAL, QUEBEC--(Marketwired - May 17, 2013) - Activists from leading conservation and environmental organizations will gather in front of the Montreal-based International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) on Tuesday, May 21 to demand a strong, global plan for reducing carbon pollution from international aviation.

ICAO must act at this meeting to clean up our skies and tackle climate change by curbing emissions from the aviation industry -- the fastest growing source of greenhouse gas emissions in the world.

Delegates from Canada and the United States must push for a strong, global approach to solving this problem. By setting a cap on emissions, ICAO can stop runaway carbon pollution from the aviation sector and play an importantly role in curbing global climate change.

Who: Leaders and activists from WWF, Équiterre, L'Association québécoise de lute contre la pollution atmosphérique (AQLPA), and David Suzuki Foundation
When: 21 May 2013 -- 8:15 AM
Where: In front of International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) Headquarters
999 University Street, Montréal, Quebec H3C 5H7
Visuals: Environmental leaders will address activists who will be carrying signs urging "No more delays" and asking ICAO to "Stop run(a)way climate pollution."

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WWF is creating solutions to the most serious conservation challenges facing our planet, helping people and nature thrive.

About Équiterre

Équiterre's mission is to help build a social movement by encouraging individuals, organizations and governments to make ecological choices, equity and solidarity. By its action, Équiterre wants to bring attention to the fundamental aspects of life. Eat, move, live, and eat garden: vital needs, but also the means to reach everyone to act responsibly and change the world one step at a time.


For the past 30 years, the Association québécoise de lutte contre la pollution atmosphérique (AQLPA) has been a leading organization working against atmospheric pollution. Over this period, the AQLPA team has developed a solid expertise on air quality issues and climate change, among others, through research, publications and many delegations at meetings. The organization has developed numerous effective programs to reduce atmospheric pollution, promotes clean energy and public transportation. It has also participated in various governmental consultations on energy issues.

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We work with government, business and individuals to conserve our environment by providing science-based research, education and policy work, and acting as a catalyst for the change that today's situation demands. Our vision is that within a generation, Canadians act on the understanding that we are all interconnected and interdependent with nature.

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