Governor General of Canada

Governor General of Canada

November 20, 2013 11:49 ET

Media Advisory: Governor General to Invest 38 Recipients Into the Order of Canada

OTTAWA, ONTARIO--(Marketwired - Nov. 20, 2013) - His Excellency the Right Honourable David Johnston, Governor General of Canada, will preside over an Order of Canada investiture ceremony at Rideau Hall, on Friday, November 22, 2013, at 10:30 a.m. The Governor General, who is chancellor and Principal Companion of the Order, will bestow the honour on 20 Members, 17 Officers and 1 Companion.

The Order of Canada was created in 1967, during Canada's centennial year, to recognize outstanding achievement, dedication to the community and service to the nation. Since its creation, more than 6 000 people from all sectors of society have been invested into the Order.

A media schedule for the investiture ceremony, the list of recipients with citations, and a backgrounder on the Order of Canada are attached.

Media interested in covering this event and interviewing recipients are asked to contact the Rideau Hall Press Office and must arrive at the Princess Anne Entrance no later than 10:15 a.m. on the day of the ceremony.

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Members of the media are asked to observe the following schedule:

9:45 a.m.: Media arrive at Rideau Hall
10:30 a.m.: Ceremony begins
The Governor General speaks
The Governor General presents the insignia
(Members first, followed by Officers and Companion)
11:45 a.m.: Interviews with recipients



William John Aide, C.M. Toronto, Ont.
Andrew Barrie, C.M. Creemore, Ont.
Mary Boyd, C.M. Mount Stewart, P.E.I.
Jane Coop, C.M. Vancouver, B.C.
Lorraine Desmarais, C.M. Laval, Que.
Beverley Diamond, C.M. St. John's, N.L.
Michael Enright, C.M. Toronto, Ont.
Harold Kalman, C.M. Vancouver, B.C.
Elsie Kawulych, C.M., A.O.E. Vegreville, Alta.
The Honourable Frances Lankin, P.C., C.M. Restoule, Ont.
Patricia Martens, C.M. Kleefeld, Man.
Leslie McDonald, C.M. Vancouver, B.C.
Jocelyn Palm, C.M. Toronto, Ont.
Alison Prentice, C.M. Toronto, Ont. and Victoria, B.C.
Emanuele (Lino) Saputo, C.M., O.Q. Montréal, Que.
Marjorie-Anne Sauder, C.M. Vancouver, B.C.
Edward (Eddie) Sydney Schwartz, C.M. Nashville, TN, U.S.A. and Toronto, Ont.
Joseph Shannon, C.M. Long Point, N.S.
Toyoshi (Yoshi) Yoshihara, C.M. Tokyo, Japan and Vancouver, B.C.
William J. Young, C.M. Toronto, Ont.


Luc Beauregard, O.C., C.Q. (deceased)
This is a promotion within the Order.
Montréal, Que
Arnold Boldt, O.C. Saskatoon, Sask.
William Breukelman, O.C. Mississauga, Ont.
Jacqueline Desmarais, O.C., G.O.Q.
This is a promotion within the Order.
Westmount, Que.
Phil Fontaine, O.C., O.M. Akwesasne, Ont. and
Fort Alexander, Man.
Michael Franklin Harcourt, O.C. Vancouver, B.C.
Clyde Hertzman, O.C. (deceased) Vancouver, B.C.
Michal Hornstein, O.C., G.O.Q.
This is a promotion within the Order.
Montréal, Que.
Alain Lemaire, O.C. Kingsey Fall, Que.
Laurent Lemaire, O.C. Kingsey Fall, Que.
Arnold M. Noyek, O.C. Toronto, Ont.
Rosemary Sullivan, O.C. Toronto, Ont.
The Honourable Brian Tobin, P.C., O.C. Manotick, Ont.
Roger F. Tomlinson, O.C.
This is a promotion within the Order.
Ottawa, Ont.
Frederick Wah, O.C. Vancouver and Nelson, B.C.
Lise Watier, O.C., O.Q.
This is a promotion within the Order.
Mount Royal, Que.
Richard (Rick) Waugh, O.C. Toronto, Ont.


L. Jacques Ménard, C.C., O.Q.
This is a promotion within the Order.
Montréal, Que.



William John Aide, C.M.
Toronto, Ontario

William Aide has made his mark on the Canadian cultural scene as a brilliant and versatile pianist. He has performed in solo and concert capacities, and as a collaborator with instrumentalists, singers and chamber ensembles, both at home and abroad. Former head of the Keyboard Division at the University of Toronto, he is committed to the development of music in Canada and has premiered more than 30 works by Canadian composers. In addition to being a sought-after adjudicator, he has published three books of poetry and contributed to music criticism.

Andrew Barrie, C.M.
Creemore, Ontario

Andrew Barrie has long been a proponent of community engagement. A revered radio broadcaster, he is best known for hosting CBC Radio's "Metro Morning", where he became a fixture to thousands of Toronto listeners. He is regarded as an insightful interviewer and the voice of a diverse Toronto, having helped thousands of newcomers acculturate by sharing the stories and issues of Canadian life. He has been at the forefront of fundraising efforts to benefit mental health causes, and more recently has been advocating on behalf of those living with Parkinson's disease.

Mary Boyd, C.M.
Mount Stewart, Prince Edward Island

Mary Boyd has spent most of her adult life giving a voice to the vulnerable and marginalized in Prince Edward Island. A champion of social justice, she has worked alongside those experiencing poverty, homelessness and unemployment to improve the support networks available to them. She founded the MacKillop Centre for Social Justice to help educate and mobilize the public on the social issues facing Islanders. Her expertise has also benefited such organizations as KAIROS and the Canadian Catholic Organization for Development and Peace.

Jane Coop, C.M.
Vancouver, British Columbia

Jane Coop is a distinguished figure in Canada's classical music scene. Over the years, she has performed as a concert soloist around the world, and has produced an extensive discography of works from both the core classical repertoire and Canadian composers. As a professor of piano and chamber music at the University of British Columbia, she is highly regarded for bringing her students to perform with her at some of the great music halls around the world.

Lorraine Desmarais, C.M.
Laval, Quebec

Lorraine Desmarais has taken Canadian jazz beyond our borders. A renowned pianist and composer, she is known for the ease of her continuous improvisation and for her unique style. Her original repertoire-performed solo, as a trio, or by Big Band ensembles-has earned her invitations to music events around the world. Because of the quality of her playing, she is also invited to perform as a guest soloist with renowned symphony orchestras. In addition to being a talented musician, she is also a teacher. For over 30 years, she has been teaching jazz piano at the Cégep de Saint-Laurent and giving master classes to the next generation of musicians.

Beverley Diamond, C.M.
St. John's, Newfoundland and Labrador

Beverley Diamond is one of Canada's leading ethnomusicologists. She is a professor of music at Memorial University and the only holder of a Tier One Canada Research Chair in Music. Her influential scholarship examines the relationship between music and issues of identity, rights and social change, notably through her work on indigenous musical cultures in Canada and Scandinavia. Known for her collaborative spirit and mentorship, she also contributed to her field as a leader to such organizations as the International Council for Traditional Music and the Society for Ethnomusicology.

Michael Enright, C.M.
Toronto, Ontario

Michael Enright is one of Canada's most thoughtful and provocative broadcasters. Over the last 40 years, he has led such flagship CBC Radio programs as "This Country in the Morning", "As It Happens" and "The Sunday Edition". His highly regarded interviewing skills and investigative reporting have earned him accolades and have greatly contributed to the popular discourse in Canada. In addition, as a long-standing volunteer with Community Living Toronto, he is a vocal advocate for raising awareness of the rights and skills of people with intellectual disabilities.

Harold Kalman, C.M.
Vancouver, British Columbia

Harold Kalman has worked tirelessly to study, protect and share Canada's built heritage. An architectural historian, practitioner, teacher and author, he is a leader in the field of heritage conservation. Over the years, he has managed hundreds of preservation projects and has produced a body of influential writings, notably A History of Canadian Architecture and The Evaluation of Historic Buildings. In addition, he has contributed to the development of the profession, particularly as the founding president of both the Canadian Association of Heritage Professionals and its British Columbia chapter.

Elsie Kawulych, C.M., A.O.E.
Vegreville, Alberta

For more than 50 years, Elsie Kawulych has worked to preserve her cultural heritage for future generations. A committed volunteer, she has shared her profound knowledge of Ukrainian traditions with various artistic, religious and historical institutions. She played a key role in transforming the Ukrainian Cultural Heritage Village into a nationally regarded living-history museum. She is also known for giving back to organizations in her community, including the Vegreville Recreation Board, the Vegreville Cultural Association and Vegreville Senior Housing.

The Honourable Frances Lankin, P.C., C.M.
Restoule, Ontario

Frances Lankin is a strong advocate for social justice and human rights. In her early career as a union leader, she fought for the rights of women in the workplace by promoting pay equity, paid maternity leave and better access to childcare. After serving as a provincial cabinet minister, she steered United Way Toronto, where she introduced strategic measures to improve social conditions in at-risk neighbourhoods. She is highly regarded for bringing together social service agencies, governments and the private sector to build stronger, healthier communities.

Patricia Martens, C.M.
Kleefeld, Manitoba

Patricia Martens is committed to improving the health of Manitobans. A professor in the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Manitoba and director of the Manitoba Centre for Health Policy, she has conducted groundbreaking studies on the health of Aboriginal persons and people with mental illness, as well as interventions to increase breastfeeding rates, which have guided the work of policy makers in Canada and abroad. She has also convened innovative partnerships between academics, heads of health authorities and government that enable planners to use research in programs and policies to enhance population health.

Leslie McDonald, C.M.
Vancouver, British Columbia

Former triathlon world champion Leslie McDonald has worked to advance the discipline for over 30 years, establishing governing bodies for the sport at the provincial, national and international levels. Called upon by the President of the International Olympic Committee to bring triathlon to the Games, he operated out of his own home and travelled around the world to organize an international federation that eventually resulted in triathlon's debut at the 2000 Olympics. His leadership was also marked by a commitment to promoting the participation of women in sport.

Jocelyn Palm, C.M.
Toronto, Ontario

Jocelyn Palm is an inspiration to generations of women. For four decades, as the owner of Glen Bernard Summer Camp, in Ontario, she has taught leadership skills to thousands of young women and set them on the path to success. She has also served the broader community as president of provincial and national camping associations, and as the first executive director of the National Lifesaving Society. More recently, she advocated for the health needs of women as the creator of the Women's Health Matters Forum & Expo, in association with Women's College Hospital.

Alison Prentice, C.M.
Toronto, Ontario and Victoria, British Columbia

Alison Prentice has helped to transform the study of women's history in Canada. This scholar pioneered the field of Canadian women's history and co-authored the first university textbook that addressed women's history on a national scale. She also taught women's and educational history at York University and at the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education, where she was instrumental in establishing the Centre for Women's Studies in Education. A beloved mentor and collaborator, she has influenced generations of scholars to discover and share the often forgotten stories of women, their struggles and their achievements.

Emanuele (Lino) Saputo, C.M., O.Q.
Montréal, Quebec

Lino Saputo is renowned for his tremendous generosity. Co-founder of a business specializing in dairy products and cheeses, he has built his company up into a corporation of international standing. For over 30 years, he and his wife have also been managing the Mirella and Lino Saputo Foundation that, over the years, has supported countless organizations related to health, culture and sport.

Marjorie-Anne Sauder, C.M.
Vancouver, British Columbia

Marjorie-Anne Sauder has helped to make her community a better place. A beloved volunteer and philanthropist, she has a long history of supporting children's health and other causes, serving as a board member with the BC Children's Hospital and its associated Foundation, the UBC Institute of Mental Health, and the Dalai Lama Center for Peace and Education. Her gifts have benefitted numerous academic institutions, notably the Sauder School of Business at the University of British Columbia, and her generous spirit has inspired others to nurture the light of caring in themselves.

Edward (Eddie) Sydney Schwartz, C.M.
Nashville, Tennessee, U.S.A. and Toronto, Ontario

Eddie Schwartz has had a major impact on the world of music. A successful performer in his own right, he has helped to further the careers of many world-famous recording artists as a song writer and producer. He is best known for having written such international hits as "Hit Me with Your Best Shot" and "Special Girl". He also mentors young Canadian musicians and has shouldered a leadership role as a co-founder of the Songwriters Association of Canada, which advocates for the intellectual property rights of music creators.

Joseph Shannon, C.M.
Long Point, Nova Scotia

Joseph Shannon has had a profound effect on Atlantic Canada as a Cape Breton-based businessman, community leader and philanthropist. President and founder of Atlantic Corporation Limited, he is renowned for his canny business sense, his determination to help modernize Cape Breton's economy through the restructuring of several major Crown corporations, and his commitment to mentoring young business leaders. His community stewardship and philanthropy have benefited health care, educational and economic initiatives; he is also a generous benefactor of Cape Breton University.

Toyoshi (Yoshi) Yoshihara, C.M.
Tokyo, Japan and Vancouver, British Columbia

Yoshi Yoshihara has increased the profile of Canadian theatre abroad. Founder and senior executive of Komatsu Canada Limited, he is also an important patron of the arts. A frequent theatre-goer, he built bridges between Canadian and Japanese cultures by translating over 40 Canadian works of drama and introducing them to Japanese audiences. His desire to share Canadian culture led him to co-found the Maple Leaf Theatre, in Tokyo, where he promotes the work of Canadian playwrights.

William J. Young, C.M.
Toronto, Ontario

William Young is a pioneer in the field of social enterprise and social finance in Canada. After 20 years as a senior executive, he used his entrepreneurial talents and good fortune to give back to society. He founded Social Capital Partners, which provides financing to companies that integrate a community hiring program into their human resources strategies. As a result, he is helping to build a more diverse workforce and to reduce employment barriers faced by single parents, new Canadians, persons with disabilities, Aboriginal peoples and at-risk youth.


Luc Beauregard, O.C., C.Q. (deceased)
Montréal, Quebec

Luc Beauregard was a builder in the field of public relations and a man who promoted ethical values in his personal and professional life. As founding chairman of RES PUBLICA Consulting Group Inc., he took his company to the international stage. He was active in professional associations as well as organizations involved in education, health and the arts, and co-founded and chaired Public Relations Without Borders, putting his chosen discipline to use in helping humanitarian causes in developing countries. As a testament to his leadership in public relations, the Luc Beauregard Centre of Excellence in Communications Research was created at Concordia University.

This is a promotion within the Order.

Arnold Boldt, O.C.
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

Arnold Boldt is a model of excellence in sport. After a farm accident cost him his leg, he embarked on a career as a track and field athlete that saw him win gold medals at five successive Paralympic Games and set world records as a one-legged high jumper and long jumper. An iconic figure to paralympians, he returned to the games in 2012, as a member of Canada's para-cycling team. His story of achievement also extends to his professional career, where he serves as acting provost and vice-president of the Saskatchewan Institute of Applied Science and Technology.

William Breukelman, O.C.
Mississauga, Ontario

William Breukelman has combined business acumen with scientific innovation to create leading-edge technology companies. As the former principal and chair of IMAX Corporation, he helped shepherd the company from a pilot project to a brand that has revolutionized the cinematic experience. He also co-founded Sciex Limited, a breakthrough imaging company that produces instrumentation with broad applications, including environmental testing and clinical diagnosis. He continues to support the growth of promising start-ups through Business Arts Inc., his technology development firm.

Jacqueline Desmarais, O.C., G.O.Q.
Westmount, Quebec

A remarkable patron and philanthropist, Jacqueline Desmarais contributes to the vitality of the arts in Canada. Of note, she established a scholarship fund to support promising musicians. She also created a foundation through which she offers artistic, financial and promotional support to young opera singers from across Canada, enabling them to hold their own on the world's biggest stages. In addition, she supports numerous music, arts and medical organizations, and through a fund she created, New York Metropolitan Opera productions are being broadcast in movie theatres across the country, giving to a broader audience the opportunity to see and appreciate opera.

This is a promotion within the Order.

Phil Fontaine, O.C., O.M.
Akwesasne, Ontario and Fort Alexander, Manitoba

Phil Fontaine is a lifelong advocate for First Nations people. Former chief of the Sagkeeng First Nation, he served as grand chief of the Assembly of Manitoba Chiefs and, for three consecutive terms, as national chief of the Assembly of First Nations. He successfully established a process for the settlement of specific land claims, employment equity settlements for Aboriginal workers, and the Indian Residential Schools Settlement Agreement.

Michael Franklin Harcourt, O.C.
Vancouver, British Columbia

Michael Harcourt exemplifies civic engagement to the highest degree. As mayor of Vancouver, and subsequently as premier of British Columbia, he championed sustainable planning. He later served as a member of the National Round Table on the Environment and Economy, and contributed significantly to the dialogue on urban sustainability. A near-fatal accident only reinforced his dedication to improving the lives of others, particularly in the areas of social inclusion, spinal cord injury research and sustainable cities.

Clyde Hertzman, O.C. (deceased)
Vancouver, British Columbia

Clyde Hertzman conducted groundbreaking research in early childhood development. Epidemiologist and director of the Human Early Learning Partnership at the University of British Columbia, he scientifically demonstrated how experiences at the earliest stages of life persist and impact well-being over a lifetime. His findings have attracted international attention and resulted in greater emphasis on the early years in provincial and national health strategies. He was also substantially involved in national scientific networks, including the Canadian Institute for Advanced Research.

Michal Hornstein, O.C., G.O.Q.
Montréal, Quebec

Michal Hornstein has devoted his life to enriching Canada's cultural and social fabric. One of our most generous arts benefactors, he donated an internationally coveted collection of Old Masters' paintings to the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts, enhancing its global reputation. His philanthropy has also benefited the health care and educational sectors; notably, he funded an interdisciplinary centre-the first of its kind in Canada-that evaluates patients with Parkinson's disease and other movement disorders.

This is a promotion within the Order.

Alain Lemaire, O.C.
Kingsey Fall, Quebec
Laurent Lemaire, O.C.
Kingsey Fall, Quebec

Laurent and Alain Lemaire are leading figures in the business community. Through their vision and spirit while working for the family business for over 45 years, they had a hand in transforming a small recycling company into a multinational manufacturer of packaging products and tissue paper. They helped turn Cascades into a pioneer of sustainable development by specializing, from the outset, in manufacturing products made from recycled fibres. They also ensured that the company was involved in the community, with a business and management model that now serves to inspire others. They are generous philanthropists who, personally and through the family foundation, support a wide range of organizations in education, health, the environment and sport.

Arnold M. Noyek, O.C.
Toronto, Ontario

Arnold Noyek uses medical education as a bridge to peace. An ear, nose and throat specialist as well as a professor, he founded the Canada International Scientific Exchange Program, where he established an educational and knowledge-sharing network between Canadian, Israeli, Jordanian and Palestinian health professionals, generating intercultural dialogue and co-operation. He also spearheaded the diagnosis and treatment of congenital hereditary deafness in the Middle East by importing Ontario's model of newborn hearing screening and habilitation.

Rosemary Sullivan, O.C.
Toronto, Ontario

Author, editor and literary journalist, Rosemary Sullivan is an important cultural voice in Canada. Her broad range of contributions to our literary canon ranges from poetry to history, and includes award-winning biographies that have enhanced our understanding of the lives and works of some of our nation's prominent female writers. As a professor at the University of Toronto, she has nurtured aspiring writers and established the master's program in creative writing. She is also a long-time activist, working with Amnesty International, PEN, and the Toronto Arts Group for Human Rights, which she founded.

The Honourable Brian Tobin, P.C., O.C.
Manotick, Ontario

Brian Tobin is highly regarded for his strong and principled leadership. As a federal cabinet minister, he was instrumental in leading the implementation of the Oceans Act, which provides a unique framework for modern ocean management. He also took a strong stance against offshore over-fishing by foreign fleets. His term as premier of Newfoundland and Labrador was marked by important economic reforms to traditional industries, the modernization of the educational system, and the development of the offshore oil and gas industry. In the corporate sector, he is known for his commitment to sound governance and corporate social responsibility.

Roger F. Tomlinson, O.C.
Ottawa, Ontario

Roger Tomlinson's invention of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) has transformed the field of geography. In the 1960s he designed an electronic system to store, manipulate and display geographic data. Today, his landmark creation underpins virtually all spatial analysis and has enabled new questions to be asked in a wide variety of disciplines as diverse as telecommunications, epidemiology and resource management. He continues to be an ambassador for Canadian geographic science, guiding the implementation of GIS through international workshops, conferences and consultations.

This is a promotion within the Order.

Frederick Wah, O.C.
Vancouver and Nelson, British Columbia

Fred Wah has contributed to the life of poetry in Canada for more than 50 years. His award-winning work explores issues of race and equality inspired by his own experiences as a multicultural Canadian raised in small-town British Columbia. Committed to nurturing literary culture, he has developed university writing programs, edited for several literary magazines, including Open Letter and West Coast Line, and was part of the collective that established TISH, an influential poetry newsletter. Most recently, he served as Canada's parliamentary poet laureate.

Lise Watier, O.C., O.Q.
Mount Royal, Quebec

Forty years after launching her business, Lise Watier has become one of the most influential businesswomen and a model of determination and generosity. Despite fierce international competition, she has emerged as one of the biggest names in cosmetics in Canada. Moreover, her products, designed and developed in Canada, are known worldwide. She has also distinguished herself as a citizen engaged in her community. Both personally and through her foundation, she lends her support to organizations helping women and children in need to break free from poverty.

This is a promotion within the Order.

Richard (Rick) Waugh, O.C.
Toronto, Ontario

Rick Waugh has made outstanding contributions to both the Canadian and international banking communities. As chief executive officer of Scotiabank, he helped to steer both the Institute of International Finance and the International Monetary Conference, shaping global best practices among financial institutions. He has also helped to forge economic relations between Canada and other countries, particularly in the Caribbean and Latin America. In addition, he has been a generous benefactor to a number of organizations through the Waugh Family Foundation, including the Multiple Sclerosis Society of Canada and the Canadian Museum for Human Rights.


L. Jacques Ménard, C.C., O.Q.
Montréal, Quebec

One of the most respected administrators in the country, Jacques Ménard is first and foremost an example of civic engagement. Chair of BMO Nesbitt Burns and president of BMO Financial Group, Quebec, he has also increased his charitable and philanthropic involvement in a host of organizations and causes. Dedicated to helping youth in particular, he created an action group and supported various initiatives to keep students in school, decrease dropout rates and promote academic success in Canada. Chancellor of Concordia University, he brings his leadership to organizations and working committees in such fields as economic development, financial literacy, education and health, thereby helping to advance Canadian society.

This is a promotion within the Order.


Established in 1967 by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, the Order of Canada is the cornerstone of the Canadian Honours System, and recognizes outstanding achievement, dedication to the community and service to the nation. The Order recognizes people in all sectors of Canadian society. Their contributions are varied, yet they have all enriched the lives of others and made a difference to this country.

Motto and Levels

The Order of Canada's motto is DESIDERANTES MELIOREM PATRIAM (They desire a better country). Her Majesty The Queen is the Sovereign of the Order, and the governor general is the chancellor and Principal Companion of the Order.

Companion - Post-nominal: C.C.

recognizes national pre-eminence or international service or achievement;

Officer - Post-nominal: O.C.

recognizes national service or achievement; and

Member - Post-nominal: C.M.

recognizes outstanding contributions at the local or regional level or in a special field of activity.

Insignia Description

The insignia of the Order is a stylized snowflake of six points, with a red annulus at its centre, which bears a stylized maple leaf circumscribed with the motto of the Order, DESIDERANTES MELIOREM PATRIAM (They desire a better country), surmounted by St. Edward's Crown.


All Canadians are eligible for the Order of Canada, with the exception of federal and provincial politicians and judges while in office. The Order's constitution permits non-Canadians to be considered for honorary appointments. Members of the Royal Family, governors general and their spouses are appointed in the extraordinary category. There are no posthumous appointments.

Officers and Members may be elevated within the Order in recognition of further achievement, based on continued exceptional or extraordinary service to Canada. Usually, promotions are considered five years after the first appointment.


Any person or group is welcome to nominate a deserving individual as a candidate for appointment to the Order of Canada. Appointments are made on the recommendations of the Advisory Council for the Order of Canada, an independent council chaired by the chief justice of Canada. Members of the Advisory Council on the Order of Canada reflect the diversity and excellence in Canadian society. Certain members are appointed by virtue of their office; others are appointed for a fixed term to achieve a balanced representation of the various regions of the country.

For more information about the Order of Canada or to nominate someone, visit our website at

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