Governor General of Canada

Governor General of Canada

November 19, 2014 11:16 ET

Media Advisory: Governor General to Invest 42 Recipients into the Order of Canada

OTTAWA, ONTARIO--(Marketwired - Nov. 19, 2014) - His Excellency the Right Honourable David Johnston, Governor General of Canada, will preside over an Order of Canada investiture ceremony at Rideau Hall, on Friday, November 21, 2014, at 10:30 a.m. The Governor General, who is chancellor and Principal Companion of the Order, will bestow the honour on 2 Companions, 18 Officers and 22 Members.

The Order of Canada was created in 1967, during Canada's centennial year, to recognize outstanding achievement, dedication to the community and service to the nation. Since its creation, more than 6 000 people from all sectors of society have been invested into the Order.

A schedule for the investiture ceremony, the list of recipients with citations, and a backgrounder on the Order of Canada are attached.

Media interested in covering this event and interviewing recipients are asked to contact the Rideau Hall Press Office and must arrive at the Princess Anne Entrance no later than 10:15 a.m. on the day of the ceremony.

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Members of the media are asked to observe the following schedule:

9:45 a.m.: Media arrive at Rideau Hall
10:30 a.m.: Ceremony begins
The Governor General speaks
The Governor General presents the insignia
(Companions first, followed by Officers and Members)
11:45 a.m.: Interviews with recipients



General A. John G. D. de Chastelain, C.C., C.M.M., C.D., C.H. (Ret'd)
This is a promotion within the Order.
Ottawa, Ont.
The Honourable Margaret Norrie McCain, C.C., O.N.B.
This is a promotion within the Order.
Toronto, Ont.


Michael Bliss, O.C.
This is a promotion within the Order.
Toronto, Ont.
Murray Costello, O.C. Ottawa, Ont.
Frances Cutler, O.C. Ottawa, Ont.
Colm Feore, O.C. Stratford, Ont.
Nancy Jane Hermiston, O.C. Vancouver, B.C.
Thomas J. Hudson, O.C. Toronto, Ont.
Daniel Ish, O.C. Saskatoon, Sask.
Patrick Lane, O.C. North Saanich, B.C.
Joseph Macerollo, O.C. Mississauga, Ont.
Eliot A. Phillipson, O.C. Toronto, Ont.
Glenn Pushelberg, O.C. Toronto, Ont.
Keren Rice, O.C. Toronto, Ont.
Hartley T. Richardson, O.C., O.M.
This is a promotion within the Order.
Winnipeg, Man.
The Honourable J. J. Michel Robert, P.C., O.C. Montréal, Que.
Michael A. Rudnicki, O.C. Ottawa, Ont.
Daniel Walter Smith, O.C. Edmonton, Alta.
Bramwell Tovey, O.C., O.M.
This is an honorary appointment.
Vancouver, B.C.
George Yabu, O.C. Toronto, Ont.


Louis Audet, C.M. Westmount, Que.
The Honourable Gordon L. Barnhart, C.M., S.O.M. Saskatoon, Sask.
Jeanne Beker, C.M. Toronto, Ont.
Dennis Cochrane, C.M. Moncton, N.B.
Eleanor Collins, C.M. Surrey, B.C.
Marie-Éva de Villers, C.M., C.Q. Montréal, Que.
Marc Dutil, C.M. Saint-Georges-de-Beauce, Que.
Phil Dwyer, C.M. Fredericton, N.B. and
Qualicum Beach, B.C.
N. Murray Edwards, C.M. Calgary, Alta.
Lucinda Flemer, C.M. Toronto, Ont. and St. Andrews, N.B.
Peter E. Gilgan, C.M., O.Ont. Toronto, Ont.
Michael Goldbloom, C.M. Montréal and Sherbrooke, Que.
Edward S. Goldenberg, C.M. Ottawa, Ont.
Philip R. Gosling, C.M. Guelph, Ont.
Bernard Grandmaître, C.M. Ottawa, Ont.
Sylvain Lafrance, C.M. Montréal, Que.
Francine Lelièvre, C.M., C.Q. Montréal, Que.
Ross Porter, C.M. Toronto and Huntsville, Ont.
Barbara Reid, C.M., O.Ont. Toronto, Ont.
Albert Schultz, C.M. Toronto, Ont.
Robert Silverman, C.M. Vancouver, B.C.
Marie-José Turcotte, C.M. Montréal, Que.



General A. John G. D. de Chastelain, C.C., C.M.M., C.D., C.H. (Ret'd)
Ottawa, Ontario
John de Chastelain has dedicated his life to the promotion of peace and security around the world. Upon the completion of his second term at the helm of the Canadian Armed Forces, he was sought to assist with the multi-party peace negotiations in Northern Ireland. For over a decade, he played a key role in the negotiations that led to the signing of the Northern Ireland peace agreement and was subsequently selected to chair the independent body tasked with decommissioning paramilitary arms held by various factions of the conflict, which ultimately helped to bring stability to the region.
This is a promotion within the Order.
The Honourable Margaret Norrie McCain, C.C., O.N.B.
Toronto, Ontario
Margaret McCain is making a profound impact on society through her philanthropy and advocacy. From funding programs at universities and hospitals, to supporting initiatives that empower women and promote early childhood education, she has been a hands-on leader, providing strategic guidance to countless organizations. Her contributions to the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health have had a powerful effect on its patients and have set an example for future donors to follow. She is also a highly regarded champion of early childhood development and has long advocated for greater social justice, diversity and fairness throughout our nation.
This is a promotion within the Order.


Michael Bliss, O.C.
Toronto, Ontario
Michael Bliss has shed light on the triumphs and pitfalls of our past. Professor emeritus at the University of Toronto, he is recognized as one of Canada's eminent historians. Well known for his work of political history Right Honourable Men, he has authored studies of 20th-century medical luminaries and breakthroughs that provide a glimpse into the progression of health science in North America. In addition, his ability to apply insights from history to current affairs has made him an esteemed commentator on political and social issues.
This is a promotion within the Order.
Murray Costello, O.C.
Ottawa, Ontario
Murray Costello has built a solid foundation for the development of hockey in Canada. As president of Hockey Canada, he focused on building players' skills, leading to international championships for junior, women's and men's national teams. His long-time promotion of women's hockey was crucial to its introduction as an Olympic event and in getting more girls playing in rinks across the country. For the International Ice Hockey Federation, he has advocated for increased health and safety measures, and took a lead role in the first-ever Symposium on Concussion in Sports.
Frances Cutler, O.C.
Ottawa, Ontario
Frances Cutler is a model of determination and volunteer service. A producer and executive producer at the CBC for more than 30 years, she mentored journalists and broadcasters while helping to make the workplace sensitive to people with physical challenges. The first woman with vision loss to serve as chair of the Canadian National Institute for the Blind, she was also a founding director of Voiceprint, our national broadcast reading service. Leading by example, she has helped many people who are blind or partially sighted lead full and independent lives.
Colm Feore, O.C.
Stratford, Ontario
Colm Feore is a brilliant actor and master of his craft. Classically trained, he began his career on the stages of the Stratford Festival, to which he regularly returns to enthrall audiences with his talent and versatility. His outstanding work on Broadway, television and film encompasses both Canadian and international productions, several of which have featured him working in French. He has also volunteered with such organizations as Reel Canada, which engages youth in recognizing and promoting Canada's unique cultural identity.
Nancy Jane Hermiston, O.C.
Vancouver, British Columbia
Nancy Hermiston has enriched Canada's operatic scene. A versatile singer and director, she has performed in leading coloratura roles in Canada, the United States and Europe. Head of the Voice and Opera Division at the University of British Columbia, she went on to found the university's opera group and created opportunities for young performers by establishing an ensemble for children. A devoted and enthusiastic educator, she has nurtured the development of young singers, many of whom have gone on to great acclaim.
Thomas J. Hudson, O.C.
Toronto, Ontario
Thomas Hudson is a global leader in genome science and a driver of Canadian medical research. A renowned geneticist, he led the team that built the first physical map of the human genome at the Massachusetts Institute for Technology. He later founded the McGill University and Genome Quebec Innovation Centre, where he led the Canadian portion of the International Haplotype Map Consortium, a multi-country effort to identify genetic variations that impact health and disease. He is now the president and scientific director of the Ontario Institute for Cancer Research where he is galvanizing the research community to advance the fight against cancer.
Daniel Ish, O.C.
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
Daniel Ish has contributed to the advancement of social justice in Canada. Professor emeritus and former dean of law at the University of Saskatchewan, he is highly regarded for his work as an educator, mediator and arbitrator, notably in the field of labour law. In addition, as chief adjudicator of the Indian Residential Schools Adjudication Secretariat, he created a process with integrity that provides a supportive environment for former students of the school system. His efforts have helped bring redress to numerous First Nations individuals and their families.
Patrick Lane, O.C.
North Saanich, British Columbia
Patrick Lane is a powerful voice in Canadian poetry. Conveying a sensitivity to nature and depicting the struggles of ordinary people, his poems, short stories, essays and novel resonate with Canadians. His award-winning memoir, There Is A Season, addresses his own battle with addiction and has been a source of strength for those in recovery. Throughout a career that spans five decades, he has taught and mentored many young writers, and has supported a variety of causes, from adult literacy to ending child poverty.
Joseph Macerollo, O.C.
Mississauga, Ontario
Joseph Macerollo has brought the classical accordion to Canada's music scene. Known for his virtuosic playing, he has performed alongside major orchestras worldwide and has helped to build a modern repertoire for his instrument. As an educator, he was instrumental in establishing study programs in free bass accordion at the Royal Conservatory of Music, Queen's University and the University of Toronto, and continues to mentor aspiring young musicians.
Eliot A. Phillipson, O.C.
Toronto, Ontario
Eliot Phillipson has advanced Canada's health and science innovation agenda. In his early career as a clinical investigator, he made significant contributions to the field of sleep medicine, paving the way for breakthrough treatments for sleep disorders. Later, he demonstrated effective leadership at Mount Sinai Hospital and the Department of Medicine at the University of Toronto, where he fostered an environment of excellence. Most recently, as president of the Canada Foundation for Innovation, he bolstered the research capacity of academic institutions across Canada.
Glenn Pushelberg, O.C. and George Yabu, O.C.
Toronto, Ontario
Glenn Pushelberg and George Yabu have left an indelible mark on the global interior design industry. For more than 30 years, as founders of their own firm, they have been transforming public spaces in the luxury retail, hospitality and restaurant sectors. Now regarded as one of the top design firms in the world, they have created beautiful, timeless and modern designs, often featuring original contemporary art installations. Committed champions of this industry in Canada, they fund an annual scholarship at Ryerson University and frequently hire its graduates. As philanthropists, they have also supported initiatives for gay, lesbian and transgender youth.
Keren Rice, O.C.
Toronto, Ontario
Keren Rice has helped to renew, preserve and record Canada's Aboriginal languages. One of our foremost scholars in linguistics and Aboriginal studies, she has helped to sustain Athapaskan languages, notably Slavey, a dialect spoken by the Dene people in the Northwest Territories. She was instrumental in developing a standardized writing system and grammar guide for teachers. As a founder of the Aboriginal studies program and the Centre for Aboriginal Initiatives at the University of Toronto, she has helped to foster a better understanding of Indigenous knowledge.
Hartley T. Richardson, O.C., O.M.
Winnipeg, Manitoba
Hartley Richardson has demonstrated an unwavering commitment to building a better community for future generations. As president and CEO of James Richardson & Sons Limited, he has overseen the growth of the firm's agriculture, energy and financial services divisions, and has shared his leadership proficiency as chair of the Canadian Council of Chief Executives. His generosity has benefited numerous philanthropic projects across Canada, including the redevelopment of Assiniboine Park in Winnipeg, and the completion of the Trans Canada Trail.
This is a promotion within the Order.
The Honourable J. J. Michel Robert, P.C., O.C.
Montréal, Quebec
Michel Robert has earned the highest respect and admiration throughout his legal career. He first made his mark practising as a lawyer for over 30 years, earning a reputation as one of the greatest litigants of his generation. He then distinguished himself as a judge on the Quebec Court of Appeal and then as chief justice of Quebec and of the Court of Appeal, where he excelled through his talents as a jurist and administrator, and was acclaimed for his vision of the law anchored in contemporary social realities. He has also long been involved in various professional organizations, including the Canadian Judicial Council and the Barreau du Québec, on which he served as president.
Michael A. Rudnicki, O.C.
Ottawa, Ontario
Michael Rudnicki is a global leader in stem cell science. A professor at the University of Ottawa and director of stem cell research at the Ottawa Health Research Institute, he has made major contributions to our understanding of muscle generation and repair. His seminal findings include discovering the first adult muscle stem cells and identifying properties of these cells that hold promise for the development of therapies for neuromuscular disorders. He has also nurtured the broader research community as the scientific director of the Canadian Stem Cell Network.
Daniel Walter Smith, O.C.
Edmonton, Alberta
Daniel Smith is the principal authority on environmental engineering in the coldest parts of Canada. As a professor at the University of Alberta for several decades, he has addressed the engineering challenges of distributing drinking water and removing waste water in extremely low temperatures. Notably, he has helped establish the principles of municipal infrastructure design in northern climates, and developed technology to remove disease-causing agents from water. He has also lent leadership to a range of professional organizations including the Canadian Society for Civil Engineering.
Bramwell Tovey, O.C., O.M.
Vancouver, British Columbia
Bramwell Tovey's achievements as a composer and conductor have enriched Canada's cultural life. Former artistic director of the Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra for more than a decade and co-founder of its New Music Festival, he has long been committed to promoting and composing new music. His artistic depth and charisma make him a favourite guest conductor, and he has appeared before some of the world's most prestigious orchestras. A driving force behind the creation of the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra School of Music, he will become the Orchestra's longest-serving music director in 2014.
This is an honorary appointment.


Louis Audet, C.M.
Westmount, Quebec
Recognized as a bold and visionary businessman, Louis Audet is also admired for his community involvement. As the president and CEO of COGECO, he has turned the family business into a Quebec telecommunications flagship. He has also played an active role within the industry, notably as the vice-president of the Television Council of the Board of Directors of the Canadian Association of Broadcasters. In addition, for over 30 years, his volunteer and philanthropic activities, as well as his participation in numerous fundraising campaigns, have benefited a wide range of charitable, educational and cultural organizations.
The Honourable Gordon L. Barnhart, C.M., S.O.M.
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
Gordon Barnhart has demonstrated exemplary service to his province and country. As clerk of the Saskatchewan legislature and of the Canadian Senate, he has long been committed to strengthening democratic governance in Canada. He is equally an accomplished academic; over the years, he has authored several books on prairie history and Saskatchewan's political figures. More recently, he served with great distinction as Saskatchewan's lieutenant governor and was named interim president of the University of Saskatchewan.
Jeanne Beker, C.M.
Toronto, Ontario
Style icon Jeanne Beker is a leading figure in the fashion industry. A broadcaster, journalist and author, she is best known as the force behind "Fashion Television", which ran for more than 25 years, and the Fashion Television Channel. Throughout her career, she has championed Canadian designers, helping to build television and Web forums to showcase their designs to the world. In addition, she is front of house and behind the scenes for a variety of events in support of such charities as Gilda's Club Greater Toronto, FashionCares and Dress for Success.
Dennis Cochrane, C.M.
Moncton, New Brunswick
Dennis Cochrane's integrity, his passion for learning and his skills as an administrator have made him one of Canada's most compelling educational advocates. He has been a junior high school teacher, a principal, a district superintendent, a university president and a deputy minister of education in two different provinces. In his every role, he has enriched Atlantic Canada's educational landscape. His leadership was particularly integral to implementing early childhood development programming in the Maritimes.
Eleanor Collins, C.M.
Surrey, British Columbia
Eleanor Collins is a supremely talented vocalist who changed the face of race relations in mid-20th century Vancouver. In 1948, she was ostracized upon moving into one of the city's predominantly white neighbourhoods. She responded by fostering the values of equality and acceptance within her community-and consequently became a civic leader and pioneer in the development of British Columbia's music industry. Celebrated for her extensive career as a jazz singer with CBC Radio and Television, she became the first Black artist in North America to host a nationally broadcast television series.
Marie-Éva de Villers, C.M., C.Q.
Montréal, Quebec
As a linguist and lexicographer, Marie-Éva de Villers has greatly promoted and defended a vibrant, high-quality French language. At the Office québécois de la langue française, she played a key role in shaping management terminology and the feminization of position titles. She is also the author of major reference works, including the renowned Multidictionnaire de la langue française. In addition, at HEC Montréal, where she established and led the communication quality division, she implemented a policy that has inspired other academic institutions in the province.
Marc Dutil, C.M.
Saint-Georges-de-Beauce, Quebec
More than a seasoned entrepreneur, Marc Dutil is a devoted community leader and a model for young entrepreneurs. As the president and CEO of the family business Canam Group, he has helped to make it one of the largest manufacturers of steel construction products in North America. He is especially known as the founding president of the École d'Entrepreneurship de Beauce, a school that helps Quebec entrepreneurs hone their leadership skills and accelerate the growth of their businesses. In addition, he lends his financial support and personal involvement to various community organizations in his region, including the Moisson Beauce food bank.
Phil Dwyer, C.M.
Fredericton, New Brunswick and Qualicum Beach, British Columbia
Pianist and saxophonist Phil Dwyer has inspired audiences across the globe with his dynamism and versatility. He has distinguished himself as one of the great jazz performers of his generation, and has shared the stage with some of the world's jazz giants in top concert halls and jazz clubs. As a composer, producer and instrumentalist, he has contributed to several award-winning recordings. In addition, he has mentored countless aspiring musicians and established musical scholarships for school-age children in his community.
N. Murray Edwards, C.M.
Calgary, Alberta
Murray Edwards is lauded as one of Canada's most successful entrepreneurs. With a wide array of thriving business interests ranging from natural resources to mining, aerospace to tourism, and banking to sports, he is best known as co-founder and chair of Canadian Natural Resources, one of Canada's largest energy companies. He is widely sought out by policy makers provincially and nationally for his strategic advice on business issues facing the country. Also a generous philanthropist, he has supported educational, health care and cultural organizations, notably the Alberta Children's Hospital.
Lucinda Flemer, C.M.
Toronto, Ontario and St. Andrews, New Brunswick
Lucinda Flemer's philanthropy has had an immense impact on the Charlotte County region of New Brunswick. As president of The Tecolote Foundation, she serves non-profit community organizations from Ontario to New Brunswick. Also founder of the world-renowned Kingsbrae Garden in Saint Andrews, she created a tourism focal point that not only boosts regional revenue, but also provides a transformative employment opportunity for many at-risk and long-term unemployed persons. A patron of the arts and benefactor of marine science and education, she galvanizes the community to achieve progress and prosperity.
Peter E. Gilgan, C.M., O.Ont.
Toronto, Ontario
Peter Gilgan is a philanthropist whose gifts have transformed numerous Canadian organizations. As the founder and CEO of Canada's largest new home builder, he both creates and invests in many of our communities across the country. He has supported health care and educational institutions, notably endowing the new Peter Gilgan Centre for Research and Learning at Toronto's Hospital for Sick Children. Additionally, he funded the restoration of the hockey rink at Maple Leaf Gardens, as Ryerson University converted the historic complex into an athletic facility.
Michael Goldbloom, C.M.
Montréal and Sherbrooke, Quebec
A lawyer, newspaper publisher and university administrator, Michael Goldbloom is best known for his dedication to the people and city of Montréal. He was credited with the revival of its YMCA in the early 90s, and he has helped establish and give impetus to countless other civic organizations. His compassion and diplomacy have also helped foster linguistic duality in Montréal and throughout Quebec. He is a leader who naturally effects positive change; his governance has thus benefited the Toronto Star and Montréal's The Gazette, as well as McGill and Bishop's universities.
Edward S. Goldenberg, C.M.
Ottawa, Ontario
Edward Goldenberg is deeply committed to the public good. Throughout his 30 years as an effective and trusted political advisor, he helped steer public policy, notably as a champion of research excellence, innovation and deficit reduction. Since leaving the public sector, he has contributed his valuable skills and insights as a lawyer, as the author of the best-selling book, The Way It Works: Inside Ottawa, and as a board member of the Canadian International Council, an independent body that works to strengthen Canada's role in international affairs.
Philip R. Gosling, C.M.
Guelph, Ontario
Philip Gosling has lived a life connected to nature. In 1960, he took a leave of absence from his real estate brokerage to lead teams of volunteers in blazing an 800-kilometre public footpath across the Niagara Escarpment, thus realizing the Bruce Trail Committee's dream. Now known in Guelph as the founder of the Wellington Brewery, he continues to support many conservation initiatives. Notably, he created the Gosling Research Institute for Plant Preservation at the University of Guelph, and helps the Bruce Trail Conservancy in its efforts to secure sensitive land areas.
Bernard Grandmaître, C.M.
Ottawa, Ontario
Bernard Grandmaître is a veritable legend among Francophones in Ontario. Devoting his life to public service as the minister responsible for Francophone affairs, he came to be known as the "father of the French Language Services Act." Through that legislation, he afforded Francophone communities the right to obtain government services in their own language in key sectors and helped to preserve the vitality of French culture. Renowned for his determination to make a difference, he also contributed to the development of his community as the mayor of the municipality of Vanier.
Sylvain Lafrance, C.M.
Montréal, Quebec
Sylvain Lafrance has devoted his career to advancing communications and to promoting French language and culture. He spent over 30 years with Radio-Canada, ultimately holding senior-level positions with French Services. Under his leadership, new music channels and websites emerged, including TOU.TV. He also modernized the agency by integrating Internet, radio and television services, positioning Radio-Canada as a world model. In addition, he promoted the dissemination of French culture internationally as chair of the Radios Francophones Publiques community.
Francine Lelièvre, C.M., C.Q.
Montréal, Quebec
Francine Lelièvre is a pillar of Quebec's museum sector. A specialist in historical museology, she is best known as the executive director of Pointe-à-Callière, the Montréal Museum of Archaeology and History, which she conceived and founded. Her bold vision led to the creation of the first urban archaeology field school at the museum, which garnered international acclaim for the institution. She is involved with numerous organizations devoted to history and archaeology, and has also helped to develop the Biosphere, in Montréal, and the Musée de l'audio-visuel, in Switzerland.
Ross Porter, C.M.
Toronto and Huntsville, Ontario
Ross Porter has dedicated his life to sharing his passion for jazz music with the nation. An award-winning radio and TV broadcaster, he gained a loyal following as the host of CBC Radio's jazz program "After Hours." Acclaimed as the voice of jazz music in Canada, he captivated listeners with his own encyclopedic knowledge and his insightful interviews with legends of the genre. Now, as the president and CEO of JAZZ.FM91, he continues to be an outspoken advocate for Canadian jazz musicians around the world, championing their talent and creating opportunities for emerging musicians.
Barbara Reid, C.M., O.Ont.
Toronto, Ontario
Illustrator and author Barbara Reid is an innovator in children's literature. She is a pioneer in using Plasticine to create marvellous tableaux, which are then photographed to accompany the stories in children's books. Her detail-rich and colourful creations have helped to spark the imagination and artistic vision of her young readers, and her award-winning books have inspired countless children to become lifelong readers. She has also delighted kids by providing hands-on Plasticine workshops at local schools and libraries.
Albert Schultz, C.M.
Toronto, Ontario
Albert Schultz is the creative spirit and driving force behind the Soulpepper Theatre Company. As its artistic director, he has overseen its expansive growth to include more than 700 performances annually. He founded its theatre academy to train the next generation of artists and supports the creation of new works. He also established a partnership with George Brown College to build the Young Centre for the Performing Arts. In addition to being a gifted actor and inspirational director, he has volunteered with such organizations as the Architectural Conservancy of Ontario, the Nature Conservancy of Canada, and UNICEF Canada.
Robert Silverman, C.M.
Vancouver, British Columbia
Robert Silverman has affirmed his place in the front rank of Canadian pianists. Known for his polished technique and moving interpretations of Beethoven, Liszt, Brahms and various Canadian composers, he has built an extensive discography that comprises over 40 CDs. Professor emeritus at the University of British Columbia, he has combined the talents of an accomplished artist with those of an exceptional mentor and music educator, inspiring the next generation of pianists.
Marie-José Turcotte, C.M.
Montréal, Quebec
Marie-José Turcotte has brought a breath of fresh air to sports journalism and has helped to open the doors of the profession to women. She has worked for the CBC for over 30 years, notably winning acclaim as a commentator during the Olympic Games. As the first woman to host a television sports program in Quebec, she revolutionized the reporting process by systematically including a women-in-sports component in all her stories. She also set an example by highlighting the personal side of athletes in her interviews.


Established in 1967 by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, the Order of Canada is the cornerstone of the Canadian Honours System, and recognizes outstanding achievement, dedication to the community and service to the nation. The Order recognizes people in all sectors of Canadian society. Their contributions are varied, yet they have all enriched the lives of others and made a difference to this country.

Motto and Levels

The Order of Canada's motto is DESIDERANTES MELIOREM PATRIAM (They desire a better country). Her Majesty The Queen is the Sovereign of the Order, and the governor general is the chancellor and Principal Companion of the Order.

Companion - Post-nominal: C.C.
recognizes national pre-eminence or international service or achievement;
Officer - Post-nominal: O.C.
recognizes national service or achievement; and
Member - Post-nominal: C.M.
recognizes outstanding contributions at the local or regional level or in a special field of activity.

Insignia Description

The insignia of the Order is a stylized snowflake of six points, with a red annulus at its centre which bears a stylized maple leaf circumscribed with the motto of the Order, DESIDERANTES MELIOREM PATRIAM ("They desire a better country"), surmounted by the Royal Crown. It is struck in fine silver and is composed of three individual pieces: the snowflake, annulus and maple leaf. The colour is added by hand through a unique application of opaque and translucent enamel.

The design of the insignia of the Order of Canada dates from 1967, and is credited to Bruce Beatty, C.M., S.O.M., C.D. The technical drawings used by the Royal Canadian Mint in this new generation of the insignia were developed by the Canadian Heraldic Authority at the Chancellery of Honours, part of the Office of the Secretary to the Governor General. The insignia is manufactured by the Mint at its Ottawa facility.


All Canadians are eligible for the Order of Canada, with the exception of federal and provincial politicians and judges while in office. The Order's constitution permits non-Canadians to be considered for honorary appointments. Members of the Royal Family, governors general and their spouses are appointed in the extraordinary category. There are no posthumous appointments.

Officers and Members may be elevated within the Order in recognition of further achievement, based on continued exceptional or extraordinary service to Canada. Usually, promotions are considered five years after the first appointment.


Any person or group is welcome to nominate a deserving individual as a candidate for appointment to the Order of Canada. Appointments are made on the recommendations of the Advisory Council for the Order of Canada, an independent council chaired by the chief justice of Canada. Members of the Advisory Council on the Order of Canada reflect the diversity and excellence in Canadian society. Certain members are appointed by virtue of their office; others are appointed for a fixed term to achieve a balanced representation of the various regions of the country.

For more information about the Order of Canada or to nominate someone, visit our website at

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