September 13, 2010 18:12 ET

Media Advisory: Old World Quality. Smarter Buying Experience

TORONTO, ONTARIO--(Marketwire - Sept. 13, 2010) -

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Old World Quality. Smarter Buying Experience.

TailorGuys provides the EASIEST, QUICKEST and most CONVENIENT buying experience of HIGH quality custom made-to-measure dress shirts for men: Old World Quality. Smarter Buying Experience.

A number of companies encourage consumers to buy custom made-to-measure clothing online with little –to -no human interaction in the buying experience creating a vacuum effect for the client when it comes to "what the end product will truly look and feel like."

Some companies also provide a "traveling-tailor" experience who visits select cities at specific times in the year to serve the market almost forcing the clients to make a choice on purchase whether or not it is the right time for the client to buy.

Pick. Measure. Pay.

With TailorGuys, the client can visit any one of our authorized ordering locations across GTA and order a shirt in as little as five minutes.

At any one of our six ordering locations across Toronto, the client interacts with a qualified fitter who professionally measure the client while providing a true touch-and-feel experience of the fabric of choice, yet fully leveraging a self-service model where the client fills out the order form himself. The added benefit is that the client knows what the fabric feels like when the end product arrives.

With TailorGuys, its clients enjoy the benefit of choosing various options in collars, cuffs, buttons, monogram and contrast fabric based on the client's style.

The smarter buying experience brings the convenience of interacting with TailorGuys electronically including paying for the order via secure online payment after which the order is processed and fulfilled in under six weeks. The order is then picked up by the client from the ordering location that helps save on additional shipping costs.

TailorGuys also offers a member privilege program that extends not only additional convenience of storing measurements on file for future use, saving more time during the ordering process while, but also numerous promotional activities throughout the year.

TailorGuys believe every man should be able to wear an affordable, hand-crafted, made-to-measure dress shirt that not only fits right, but also one that truly reflects his personality.

TailorGuys was founded by Yan Che Chan, Peggy Fong and Jai Maru in Toronto, Canada, in 2009 that is focused on bringing the human element to the measuring and tailoring process while extending the convenience of online interaction to complete the transaction - providing Old World Quality with a Smarter Buying Experience.

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