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August 10, 2009 08:58 ET

Media Advisory: Patented Hybrid Electric Vehicle Technology From Electromotive, Inc. Available for Civilian, Dept. of Defense, Fleet Vehicles, Can Make a Gas-Guzzling SUV a Gas-Sipper; EMI Seeks Partner to Bring Technology to the Marketplace

MANASSAS, VA--(Marketwire - August 10, 2009) - Electromotive, Inc. (, developer and manufacturer of advanced ignition circuitry for the automotive aftermarket and racing community, announces a plan to make available patented hybrid technology which can turn a typical SUV into a gas-saving vehicle.

According to Alexander Long, IV, Chairman of Electromotive, Inc., "United States Patent # 6,367,570 recognizes our unique approach to improving the power, performance -- and most importantly fuel efficiency -- in today's typical internal combustion engine."

Although Electromotive began work in earnest on hybrid technology in the early 1980s, EMI received this patent in 2002. It has taken the automotive industry until now to recognize the advantages of hybrid engine design and deliver it to consumers. With hundreds of thousands of gas-guzzling vehicles already on the road, EMI technology is ideally suited for the aftermarket.

"Accordingly," Mr. Long stated, "we are seeking a partner to bring the advantages of EMI Hybrid technology to the Civilian, Department of Defense and Fleet markets seeking increased gas mileage. Our market is those seeking increased gas mileage.

"While improved fuel efficiency for everyday vehicles is a direct benefit of EMI technology, in a battlefield environment it could be the difference between life and death for our troops," Mr. Long said.

The technology has been tested and proven as a prototype on a Honda Civic.

"EMI was founded by my late father for the express purpose of delivering hybrid technology to the automotive industry. In the process, the distributor-less ignition system was invented and patented (U.S. Patents 4,494,509 and 4,649,881) for the high-resolution ignition control system," Mr. Long explained.

The United States government has both concluded and taken action to advance fuel economy. EMI is actively seeking the right company to partner with to make its hybrid technology available to the marketplace.


--  An electric motor strategically assists the internal combustion
    engine. This arrangement increases driveability, for a very smooth-driving
--  When the internal combustion engine is operating very efficiently
    under light loading or deceleration, the power source is charged as the
    motor turns into a generator.
--  Decreased emissions are realized by helping the engine to run in a
    fashion, which inherently minimizes emissions.
--  Fuel economy is significantly enhanced by efficiently producing power
    needed to make the car meet the demands of the driver while leveling the
    load demands placed on the internal combustion engine.

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