Tamil Awareness Mission

Tamil Awareness Mission

July 09, 2009 14:50 ET

Media Advisory/PRESS POINT: 2pm With Members of Tamil Awareness Mission and Tamil Student Associations

MONTREAL, QUEBEC--(Marketwire - July 9, 2009) -

"Cries of the Captive"
DATE: Saturday July 11, 2009
TIME: 10:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m
LOCATION: Park Marcelin-Wilson
(corner Boulevard L'Acadie and Boulevard Henri Bourassa Ouest)

Since declaring military victory, the Sri Lankan government has retreated itself from the international scene and due to government enforced restrictions to international observers, the situation in the aftermath of the 26 year old war is largely unknown. What is most outrageous is the secrecy shrouding the plight Tamil civilians illegally detained in the internment camps. The only source of information on the sub human conditions in these camps are from leaked reports by independent media and non-governmental organizations and from first hand horror stories passed on to family members.

On Saturday July 11th the Tamil community in Montreal will host an event, "Cries of the Captive", in order to bring light to the situation, recognize and commemorate those who have passed and emphasize the living conditions of those who continue to suffer.

As of May, Tamil civilians detained in the government enforced internment camps number approximately 300,000. Guarded continuously and brutally by the Sri Lankan army, the camp is severely lacking and does not meet the minimum requirements set by international standards. The area most commonly referred to as Manik Farm provides no real infrastructure that can accommodate such a group, with camps over occupied beyond their intentional capacity. Indispensable facilities such as sanitation and basic shelter are in a dilapidated state or essentially nonexistent. The need for substantial humanitarian aid has exceeded the critical stage as hundreds of civilians are dying, succumbing to hunger, injuries and disease.

"Cries of the Captive" will commence with a multi-faith prayer rally led by various religious community leaders to pay tribute to those sacrificed in the Tamil struggle, the event will continue with an exhibition and mock camp, prepared in collaboration with the Tamil Awareness Mission and the Tamil Student Associations of McGill and Concordia, to expose the historical context that has left countless Tamils dead and 300,000 held against their will.

This family friendly event will provide an opportunity for the Montreal community to gather in solidarity to denounce the atrocities taking place in Sri Lanka and to support on an ongoing humanitarian effort.

The media kit is available online at http://www.tamilawareness.com/events.html along with other event resources.

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