June 24, 2008 07:00 ET

Media Advisory: Unique Golf Tournament Has Canadians Debating...

Allowed only one club for a round of golf, which club would you use?

TORONTO, ONTARIO--(Marketwire - June 24, 2008) -

Attention Sports Editors:

Starting July 9, 2008, Canadian golfers will have the chance to weigh in on the "which club would you use?" debate. Golf has come a long way from the early days of sticks and pebbles, but as the game has evolved the discussion on the best club continues to generate passionate response. MOTRIN® and Angus-Reid are releasing the results of a national survey highlighting the "One Club" debate.

Victor Ciesielski, renowned Ontario golf pro best known for his famous hole-in-one during the 2006 Canadian Open, is available starting Wednesday, July 9th in Toronto to discuss the following topics:

- A unique spin on the traditional golf tournament
- The Motrin® Canadian One Club Tournament
- National contest to engage golfers in the debate can enter to win a
chance to play in this unique tournament to see which club is king of
the links
- Winners receive prestigious "Orange Jacket" from the makers of the
Master's Tournament "Green Jacket" and up to $10,000

- From 2 iron to 9 iron - Which club would you use?
- Do Canadians have a strong favorite?
- From BC to Ontario, do club choices differ?

- Advances in golf technology - how has it helped golfers?
- Do Canadians think the evolution of golf equipment has impacted
their game?

- My Game, My Pain - do golfers let pain get in the way of their passion?
- Are aches and pains an issue for Canadian golfers?
- Tips on how to reduce pain from golf activities

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