SOURCE: MetaCarta

April 16, 2007 14:27 ET

Media Alert: MetaCarta to Speak at the 11th International Conference on Petroleum Data Integration, Information and Data Management, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Kay Sutter Will Speak About Information Discovery Issues and Solutions


Who:     Kay Sutter, Energy Market Manager, MetaCarta, Inc.

What:    Information Discovery - Presenting the Whole Picture

Where:   PNEC07 - Amsterdam, The Netherlands (April 19-20)

When:    Friday, April 20, 2007
Why (Speaking topic):

Energy companies annually invest billions of dollars producing or purchasing documents used to drive key decisions. These documents that are contained in multiple document stores, come from many sources, cut across organizational boundaries, and can be as diverse as field reports, legal documents and research literature. Finding the data, information and knowledge in this vast sea of documents is fundamental to earning competitive advantages. Most of this information is in unstructured document repositories that are outside the scope of the typical search engines used in enterprises today.

The greater majority of all business information has a geographical component to it; i.e. wells, platforms, reports, presentations, contracts and so are all referenced to specific locations or within some geographic context (e.g. a country, protraction area, leaseblock, well location, etc.). Exploration and Production professionals tend to think about and manage such information as geographic collections (areas of interest). Understanding this and leveraging a powerful search tool that is geographically based, brings a new dimension of value to search.

The demand for information, the speed that information needs to be turned into decisions and those decisions into revenues has never been greater. By placing relevant structured and unstructured documents on a map, users receive the entire picture and have all of the information to make critical business decisions.

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