Media Sentiment, Inc.

Media Sentiment, Inc.

May 17, 2012 09:38 ET

Media Sentiment, Inc. (MSEZ) CEO Address Technology, Intellectual Property and Reorganization

HENDERSON, NEVADA--(Marketwire - May 17, 2012) - Media Sentiment, Inc. (PINKSHEETS:MSEZ) is pleased to update its shareholders with detailed information regarding technologies, intellectual property assets and corporate re-organization.

In a long interview with MSEZ's CEO Marian Munz, a lot of must-know information came to light. Company's CEO stated that Media Sentiment Inc. had invented the notion of "media sentiment". "Even today MSEZ is the only company that have the unique product on the market which serves individual investors" Mr. Munz adds. The highest accent is on serving the individual investors, because other major brands decided to serve the big financial institutions by providing similar technology.

Further in interview, CEO stated: "Our Media Sentiment heads up alerts have been consistently delivering outstanding results. For instance, the correlations between the direction of the thumb and the direction of the stock prices immediately following the earnings releases have been: 81% in 2006, 79% in 2007, 82% in 2008, 80% in 2009, 87% in 2010, 78% in 2011, and nearly 81% so far in 2012." The numbers and other summary and detail reports can be found in reports on Media Sentiment's web site under the Media Sentiment Pro section

Through this conversation CEO revealed some interesting facts how Media's system works, in general: "Media sentiment technology reads earnings news releases from NYSE and NASDAQ companies automatically, on the day the company report earnings. After filtrating of the results, it sends thumbs up and thumbs down alerts for the symbols it determines that they have the highest probability to move in the direction that the thumb indicates."

There are multiple sources from which investors can receive various alerts, which may be more than useful:

  • In real-time directly from our web site at

  • Via an RSS feed

  • Via e-mail by signing up on MSEZ's web site to receive free email alerts

  • Via twitter by following @mediasentiment

  • Directly on charts by having accounts with Reuters' Metastock or TD Ameritrade

  • Via a network of financial news portals that exist in Media Sentiment's distribution partner network which at the moment counts about 250 publishers. Financial news portals such as: San Francisco Chronicle, The Boston Globe, The Houston Chronicle, Wedbush Securities, The Denver Post, Los Angeles ABC 7, Chicago's Daily Herald, The Oklahoman and many more.

There are numerous intellectual assets which Media Sentiment had developed such as MediaSentiment® registered trade mark and the domain name, thumbs up image registered trade mark, copyrights and patent pending technology.

These distinguishing assets will allow MSEZ to move forward and expand in the area of media sentiment, including the potential of addressing new markets, new industries and new fields. MSEZ's CEO proudly stated: "We have literally helped to write the book on these concepts, as illustrated by the publication of a full chapter in Wiley's The Handbook of News Analytics in Finance Last summer."

In other company updates MSEZ's common stock structure has changed, as recently announced in our April 2012 news release. Further share reduction and share buy back from majority stake holders will continue, and these shares of the beneficiary will not enter the retail market and will be retired to the Company treasury. Moreover, Company's future plan of the operation focuses on the expanding of the reach of media sentiment's technology through social networking technologies.

The CEO Address can be heard by visiting this link

More updates will follow shortly.

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