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August 19, 2011 19:48 ET

Media Statement from Toro Aluminum Railings Inc.

Vaughan Aluminum Railings Company Issues Statement Regarding Spontaneous Tempered Glass Breakages in Some of Toronto's Downtown Condominiums

VAUGHAN, ONTARIO--(Marketwire - Aug. 19, 2011) - Toro Aluminum Railings Inc. is a manufacturer of balcony guard railings in our 11th year of business. We have installed and serviced balcony railings in over 200 Greater Toronto Area high-rise condominiums which represents approximately 400,000 pieces of glass. We are widely regarded as an industry leader.

The entire team at Toro Aluminum Railings is greatly concerned about the recent incidents of tempered glass breakages in some of Toronto's downtown highrises. In some cases the tempered glass railing breakages have occurred in buildings where the glass railings were installed by our company. Our company and our employees are dedicated and committed to excellence in safety and quality, and we are concerned about the unusually higher than normal incidents of breakages within the last month. We are working with our industry partners, developers, glass engineers, the City and other glass railing manufacturers to examine the reasons for the tempered glass breakages and measures that need to be taken to ensure that the public remain safe, and that safety isn't compromised.

On all Toro Aluminum Railings projects, the railings are designed and installed according to strict regulations as prescribed under The Ontario, and National, Building Codes and according to approved architectural designs and specifications. As has been detailed in the media by engineers specializing in glass, spontaneous glass breakages do happen in buildings around the world and are inherent with tempered glass. In relation to the volume of installations and the long life-span of tempered glass balcony railings, breakages are the exception and not the norm. There are various websites that detail spontaneous tempered glass breakages and their instances.

As a leading Canadian manufacturer of highrise balcony railings, we look forward to the important industry-wide discussions and meetings that need to take place with government officials, building developers, architects, engineers, and other railing manufacturers about the future of tempered glass balcony railings in condominium highrise projects.

Toro Aluminum Railings supports the installation of heat treated laminated glass balcony railings and promotes a review of the applicable building codes as it relates to tempered glass railings installation in highrise buildings.

Toro Aluminum Railings also supports Toronto City Councillor Kristyn Wong-Tam's call for a broad investigation into the increased incidents of spontaneous glass breakages in Toronto.

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